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    Tree saver straps

    I’m in need of a couple tree saver straps. ARB 16ft can be bought for ~$60. Is there any reason to spend more money on stronger, rigging type, continuous loop, slings? ARB only lists the breaking strength as 26k pounds and I’m assuming that is in basket configuration. If I use the standard 5:1...
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    Source needed: Made to order wire with connectors

    I’m working on setting up my winch. I’m installing a fuse and a disconnect. I need a source for a few pieces of 2 gauge wire with ring terminals properly crimped on. Is there a company that I can specify the type, length, gauge, and terminals that will make them for me? I’m not sure about...
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    Between cab and camper tool box

    I have a long bed 3/4 ton full size 8 foot bed. We’re considering a four wheel pop up or Alaskan or palomino. I would like to get a 6.5 foot camper and install a custom toolbox between the camper and cab in the existing bed. I’ve seen this setup with a flatbed and tunnel box, but never in a...
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    DIY rafting style tables

    Has anyone built their own tables? I’m looking at a NRS rafting table, but weight isn’t really a concern. More specifically, I need a couple of tables for group food prep. 6-8 foot long, 24 inches deep, and 36” tall. I have some ideas on the surface and edge material, but need ideas for the...
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    Commercial aluminum truck canopies: ARE vs Leer

    I’m looking at commercial aluminum contractor type canopies for my truck. Leer and ARE have similar products. It’s an 8ft bed. I want glass front, solid side doors, double rear doors with glass, and Thule/Yakima type tracks on top. I’m not finding any good comparison articles of the two...
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    Tire gauge/deflator

    Rear tires fully aired are at 80psi. My ARB gauge/deflator only goes to 60. Any gauge damage connecting it and dropping pressure down to <60psi? Is there a higher psi product?
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    Warn Trans4mer on Silverado 2500HD or any other

    I’m looking at winches for my 07 2500HD Classic. I’m going with a Come Up Seal 12.5, but I need a way to mount it. I’m considering the Warn Trans4mer Mount. I don’t need the weight of a bumper and I like that the winch is accessible to work on and keep the line dressed. It does hang the...
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    Auxiliary HID lights

    I'm looking at getting some HID lights to mount behind the grill of my Tacoma. I'm looking at the Lightforce Striker 170 with a 70 watt bulb and the Venom 170 with the 50 watt bulb. The Lightforce USA website is lackluster in it's detail. Some sources claim the Striker has an internal...
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    Tire sizes for a Tacoma

    I have been wanting to replace the tires on my 2012 Tacoma since I bought it. I have decided on the Cooper ST Maxx. The difficulty comes in choosing a size. The truck suspension is currently stock and will remain so until I have the money to change it, which may be a couple of years. I'm...
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    Pronghorn Tacoma bumper: This looks interesting! It's made of aluminum so it should be really light plus easy to ship. Modular so damaged pieces can be replaced if need be and you can change it to suit your needs. The variety of recovery points is excellent, I like the...
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    '12 Tacoma: 1" to 1.5" lift, increase payload, off-road ability

    I just got a new Tacoma a few months ago and so far I have added sliders and a tool box full of recovery gear. This alone probably weighs around 350lbs. The payload capacity of the truck is only slightly more than 1000lbs. I would like to modify the suspension to increase the load carrying...