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    Couch/Bliss Mobil

    Saw this in my back year yesterday.
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    Gaia App and Route Creating

    I am mapping out a route for my upcoming Alaska trip. Is there a way to create a route using a snap to road feature? Yes there is, however is there a way to within that route have it map between two way points in a straight line?
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    Gaia add waypoint to existing track

    Hello, I created a track of my recent trip using iOS. I now wish to add points to it to record things like places camped etc. how do I do that?
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    Paper Maps of the Yukon & NW Territories

    Planning a trip up north late next summer. Suggestions for paper maps of the region?
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    New Expedition Camper - Overland Explorer

    So my four plus year process is nearing completion. Phase five was recently completed. Phase one was really about determining my needs. Expedition quality vehicle with the ability to sleep four, 4-wheel drive and the ability to tow 9000 pounds. There were/are other less important...
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    Aluminum Super Single Wheels

    Looking for a source for a set of single wheels, aluminum to fit a 2017 Ford F450. Size 19.5 and 8.25 wide.
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    Super Singles for F450

    Looking for options for super single wheels for a 2017 F450. I'll be replacing 19.5's and while I want to go somewhat taller I'm not looking for anything extreme. I don't think beadlocks are necessary either. Suggestions for options and sources?
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    Recording roads traveled

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to digitally record/map/track roads driven. Not necessarily record my track as it happens but to highlight and save roads already traveled. Any help is appreciated.
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    4x4 How important

    A question for those with experience. Just how necessary is four wheel drive in an expedition camper? How often have you used yours?
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    Single Cab vs Double Cab

    Hello all, I am looking for some opinions. Hopefully based upon real life experience and not guesses. ;) I am looking at purchasing a truck to base a camper upon. Among the many choices and decisions is the decision of cab size vs camper size. Obviously the shorter the cab the longer the...
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    How Soon Will These be Available for Trucks? They are coming, just a matter of time.
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    Outfitting a FG 4x4

    I have been lurking and reading for several months now and have many questions regarding the Fuso FG 4x4. Maybe this should be several threads or some kind of “sticky” listing popular modifications to the base vehicle? Lots of discussion about modifications etc. to the FG but not any info that...
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    Expedition camping in Australia.

    Not FG specific but I am interested in learning more about expedition camping/travel in Australia. All I have learned indicates that is the place for such activity. Where can one go to learn about it? Roads, routes, areas, seasons, etc.
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    Canter 4x4

    The Fuso Canter comes with 235/85R16 tires. Many people particularly when going to singles install considerably taller tires. What does this do to gear ratios and do people typically install lower ratio differentials? Also are there after market 2 speed transfer cases available for new US...
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    Camper main entrance doors

    Saw pictures of the all terrain warriors aircraft style doors. Seems pretty clever. Self supporting, secure closure and doesn't take up floor space. However after just watching a video they seem very slow and unpractical. It appears they are designed to be opened and left open. How do you keep...
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    Popup and slide outs

    I see pop up camper bodies with canvass. Why not full hard bodies? Also I have yet to see any expedition truck campers with slide outs. Why is this?
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    FG4x4 transmission

    Does anyone know if it will/can remain locked up on descents to provide engine braking? Like all the newer heavy duty pickups will.