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    L Track 2 100" sections

    2 100" L Track sections with a few clamp downs for sale. Selling for $60 per piece. Never used and unmolested. Call or text me 858 six nine nine 3540
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    best homemade van build forum, expo forum for van builds seems dead

    Ive been using the sportsmobile forum lately, as it seems more active than the expo homebuild van forum (this forum). This forum used to be pretty active but now it seems dead with a new post every few weeks and no replies, and the same build threads stuck here for months. Anyone know...
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    Jerry cans for fuel

    Hello all. I need about 15 gallons or three 5 gal Jerry cans mounted on my Yakima rack. What's the best deal and direction to go for these. I don't have the expensive aluminess box on the back so they have to go on my roof rack. So I may need to buy a basket or mounts for them or some kind of...
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    Replacing carriage bolts on CCV high top

    I thought I would post this up since i haven't seen anything about this in the forums. Last trip to Mammoth a few weeks ago, after popping the top I was shocked to see the threaded bolt backed out of the support brace on my rear drivers side corner. A few more pop ups and it would have come...
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    Van cover

    So cal 4x4 pop top van owner here. My van is at home in the driveway and sits a lot as it is not a daily driver. Here in so cal the sun is brutal on cars that sit. What can I use to cover it so it doesn't age in the sun. I was thinking an rv cover would be best? A car port I don't think is...
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    Where are all the 2014's?

    where are all the 2014 e350's? Does sports mobile have them all ? Or are they still in a fleet of rental cars or service companies. I would love to see more builds with late e350's. no offense to everyone with older vans. Just would like to see more late vehicle builds. Seems like the 2014's on...
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    Coin-Grip Flooring , where to buy if I need a 6 'X 8' piece

    I see rolls that are 4 foot in length, anyone know how I can buy a 6x8 ft pieces without having to buy a large roll and having so much excess?
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    2013 E350 RB with CCV High Top Build thread this is the "Polar Express"

    After much looking I finally rounded up all my pictures over the past 6 months of my build. I bought the vehicle as a 2wd RB E350 previous owner had installed the CCV high top, added a Agile 2wd RIP kit, aluminess rear bumper and stripped the interior and added a pioneer LCD screen...
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    Regretting my layout and sofa bed ,uuuugh

    I've spent the better half of six months building the polar express. I will create a full build thread here shortly. But I want to ask the forum of knowledge about my current situation. I built a VW style layout with sofa bed in back and a galley behind the driver seat. Platform is an agile...
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    advantage of custom leaf springs vs lift in rear

    Are no blocks better than blocks to lift the rear. What is the advantage of say a weldtech custom leaf spring lift over adding a leaf and a block ? tx
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    Aluminess bumper lighting options

    I just installed my aluminess bumper and was looking for led spot lights, fog lights ect . I started lookijng on amazon and found there are a ton off knock off chinese made led light bars and spot lights. Im not a fan of cheap chinese products. But they seem well made, and they are super...
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    insulation or dynamat under bedrug?

    whats a decent solution to get some sound deadening and insulation on the van floor, for my E350 rb passenger with a BedRug installed. I do like the bed rug for now. ( I dont want to install a plywood floor at the moment. Previous owner had the bed sprayed with a liquid coating and bought the...
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    coin holder delete and replacement with switch panel- how does one do it?

    What is everyone doing when adding switches like lights, lockers, 4wd ect switches to their dash. The best location by far on the dash is not under your steering wheel , but where the coin holder goes. By far the best location. Is there a switch panel that fits inside this area plug and...
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    Battery Isolator Question, yes i searched the forums to no avail

    I am in the middle of my electrical install for my E350 CCV 2WD, I am adding (for now) one AGM house battery attached to a PAC 500 amp isolator. I cant find anywhere in the engine bay to put the isolator. My battery box is the stock ford attached to the passenger rail. I had the isolator...