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  1. naks

    ZA alternative to the Defender "... the macho-looking BRV M-range has a monocoque chassis with integrated roll-cage - adding strength and rigidity and an integrated (rubberised) roof-rack...
  2. naks

    2022 Range Rover L460

  3. naks

    Good news: Jaguar Land Rover to continue AJ V8 production in-house "Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will take over production of the 'AJ' supercharged petrol V8 in Wolverhampton after Ford shuts its Bridgend plant next month, Autocar can confirm. The future of the engine –...
  4. naks

    Fun Tuesday Outing

    Since today was a public holiday in ZA, couple of friends & I went to a nearby trail for some fun off-roading ( They were in Defenders and I was able to keep up (with some rock-packing and spotter guidance). This is a fairly technical trail, and a few people on...
  5. naks

    Sunday scenic mountain drive

  6. naks

    24-hour sand driving record in a Discovery 5 "... As the clock returned to 16h00 in the afternoon the odometer clicked over to 533km. We had managed to do 533kms in the 24 hours or 53 laps of the Vleesbaai 4×4 route. That figure is...
  7. naks

    Cape Land Rover Club Points Event/Fun Drive

    Our club's first points event was this past Sunday, and this time I took the 90 instead of the RRS :)
  8. naks

    Heed his warning about the Ingenium engines!

  9. naks

    Cape Land Rover Club outing to Caledon's Gift Farm

    After months of hospitalisation, I took the oldest child to a club outing: a fun obstacle course on a farm in Wellington. Blew a tyre on a well-hidden fence anchor :( Loads of fun, and it was good to get the Defender dirty again :D
  10. naks

    Fun in the dunes!

    Another fun outing in the dunes with the club :)
  11. naks

    Cape Land Rover Club outing to Grabouw

    A fun outing to Grabouw despite the inclement weather. First time out in my Defender since October 2017 due to drivetrain issue, which is now somewhat sorted out.
  12. naks

    Demonstration of Terrain Response in a D4 on rollers

    Massive difference when the rear e-diff gets activated:
  13. naks

    Cape Land Rover Club Outing to Leeuwenboschfontein

    Our club went away to a farm close to Cape Town for the weekend, and we tackled their trail on Sunday. Here are some photos, the video will be up a bit later. Going up the mountain: View from the top of the trail (1400m asl), you can see the farm below: Coming back down the...
  14. naks

    18 seconds to steal a car equipped with keyless entry

    How to steal a car in 18s: Here's the procedure to disable keyless entry on a RR:
  15. naks

    Cape Land Rover Fun Day at Black Pearl Vineyards

    A fun day indeed doing a series of obstacles at Black Pearl Vineyards in Paarl! However, I was a bit miffed with the performance of my RRS - I was the only vehicle to not be able to clear all the obstacles even with an extra 20mm height setting using my IID tool. At one point, I scrapped the...
  16. naks

    Cape Land Rover Club outing to Atlantis Dunes

    Finally got the chance to really see what the RRS is capable of in the dunes! We had a great day: hooned around a bit, got stuck numerous times, tried out the ATPC a few times (some successful, others not), and only really needed one tow at a particularly soft spot where I beached the car and...