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    Automatic charging relay from Blue Sea Systems

    Like new aux. battery charging relay for sale. This was installed in a build that basically got no use so it looks and is like new. $55 Works with 12 or 24v systems. From their site: Automatically combines batteries during charging, isolates batteries when discharging and when starting...
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    NEW Superwinch 9500 Tiger w/Warn Spydura syn rope (SoCal)

    Still available! Will do $600 but can't go under that.
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    NEW Superwinch 9500 Tiger w/Warn Spydura syn rope (SoCal)

    Yes the rope has a robust heat sleeve on it. In real-world use you rarely need it. It's only when a planetary winch powers out for a long while do the drums heat up. (The older but generally no longer made double-cone brakes were actually greased and don't heat up much, for anyone interested in...
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    NEW Superwinch 9500 Tiger w/Warn Spydura syn rope (SoCal)

    Someone backed out of buying after I boxed it up and had it weighed, etc for shipping so it's ready to go. I found out shipping is about $95. I can let it go for $700 total, shipped, as long as shipping doesnt go over that estimate. New pic.
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    NEW Superwinch 9500 Tiger w/Warn Spydura syn rope (SoCal)

    Thanks. Yeah I'm surprised I still have it!
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    Pinzgauer 712 M for SALE

    They are loud so you won't be talking to your passenger when going over about 40mph. You can insulate them of course. Great machines. I talk a little about sound insulation on which also has all the Pinz info you could ever need.
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    2005 Chevy Astro AWD Stealth Campervan - Meticulously Crafted Inside & Out - MUST SEE, Reduced $26k

    Nice but agree with the bed issue. The lay shopper just getting into the van/overland stuff may not like this because of the micro bed. I can't fathom sleeping in the way you describe nor would I ever attempt it. I dont feel that bed is even enough for one person honestly. Check out a non-Westy...
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    NEW Superwinch 9500 Tiger w/Warn Spydura syn rope (SoCal)

    I've got a brand new Superwinch 9500 that I upgraded with 90ft of 3/8 Warn Spydura rope, plus a new Blueline gusseted thimble! I need to swap this model out for a smaller winch on the current build so this one is up for sale. You can pick up near LA in SoCal. Can meet at Frontrunner. Shipping...
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    Warn Spydura 3/8 synthetic winch cable NEW

    I've got a 95ft piece of high-end syn rope in 3/8", breaking is 18,000+ lbs. This is NEW and unused! Don't bother with the cheap China JUNK on amazon and ebay! The price reflects the fact it has no thimble tube on the hook-end. Easy to add your own thimble in whatever type you like. $185 Pick...
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    The ultimate wireless winch remote

    One still available
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    The ultimate wireless winch remote

    I have a NEW still in the box 2ch. winch remote for sale. 12 or 24v. This is not a Chinese piece of junk that you see all over the place now. This is a real industrial grade unit made in England. It won't fail in the middle of a rain storm, stop connecting at 35ft. or make decisions on its own...
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    NEW Superwinch 9500 Tiger Shark, near LA

    Hey guys I have a brand new Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500. This was for client's build that didn't happen. It doesn't have the fairlead or remote (planned for syn. cable and a Lodar wireless unit, which I can sell with it). I will include the steel cable if you want it but I took it off. This is...
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    Shovel mount hardware - new ideas?

    I dont have a hood or trunk lid :D
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    Shovel mount hardware - new ideas?

    Yeah that was my other thought as well. I think this shovel was $18. One of my locking cables was $20 on my last build! Maybe if someone wants a cheap shovel, they can have it. I don't buy into the pricey "overland shovel" thing. This is mounted to the side of my rig so don't want to drill more...
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    Shovel mount hardware - new ideas?

    I've mounted a few before and last time I used the usual Quick Fist rubber mounts but looking for other ideas out there. Not interested in the Frontrunner ones (they need to redeign those so they dont rust!) nor combo mounts since I don't want an axe here. Seems there's a market for a new...
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    Volvo 6x6 ambulance cab (TGB 1314)

    You should list it on