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  1. adrenaline503

    Craigslist find: RRT in Seattle, $350.00

    Saw it on c/l, no affiliation etc...
  2. adrenaline503

    Introducing Sleipnir, a 2011 Xterra Pro-4X

    Here it is, my new ride: It's stock for now and I am pleased with its performance so far. Much more power than my 04 Frontier, not to mention far more pleasant on the highway. It however doesn't have that super solid feeling my Frontier did, but that could be LWB vs MWB. Time will tell...
  3. adrenaline503

    Recovery Gear Sale Anyone?

    Wondering if anyone is having a sale on recovery gear? I saw Equipts post but want to see what all is out there. I am thinking of the ARB Premium Recovery Kit which goes for about $330.00. I have a Nissan Frontier, so Im not ng to yank out a Unimog.
  4. adrenaline503

    Badlands winch bumper for 1st Gen Nissan Frontier

    I am looking to sell my custom Badlands front bumper. It mounts to the stock mounting locations and is made from DOM tubing. I have a Warn M8000 winch in there right now and it fits great. (winch not included in the sale) I had it Line-X coated 2 years ago with the exception of the lower...
  5. adrenaline503

    Roof rack on a Gen III Montero

    I know Ive been all over the place with my posts, please bear with me. What are the options for roof racks for the Gen III? I would be mounting a RTT and awning. I understand the roof can hold 100kg, but the factory rails aren't up to snuff. Whats available in the US?
  6. adrenaline503

    Differences between 1993 and 1995 Montero SRs...?

    Are there any major differences between the 2 years? I know the differences between an LS and SR, but not the year to year changes for the SR.
  7. adrenaline503


    Hello, I have been bouncing around the notion of getting a UZJ100 and have inevetiably come across the LX470. I have read Slee's 100 series beginer guide and have a good idea what the core differences are, mainly the ride height adjustment. It's honestly more complexity that I want to deal...
  8. adrenaline503

    Buying a UZJ100 with 160k, am I crazy?

    The stats, 2002 UZJ100 160K miles Full service records from Toyota dealership including scheduled maintenance and timing belt. Asking $14,900 It has the Nav which I am not crazy about, is that easily swapped with a non nav unit assuming I could find one? I'm weighing lower miles with no...
  9. adrenaline503

    Value of re manufactured or salvaged vehicles?

    I have been looking at possibly getting a new vehicle at some point in the future and have come across a "re manufactured" vehicle in Oregon. From the photos it appears to be in good condition, but that of course is not enough. In general how much should a re manufactured title bring down a...
  10. adrenaline503

    Gen III Montero vs. 100 Series Land Cruiser

    Both are "luxury" SUVs. Both get horrible gas mileage. Both have IFS. Very similar in prices vs. mileage in the Seattle area. Other than the Montero having IRS and the LC having more power and an optional locker, what would you say the major differences are in actual practice? This isn't to...
  11. adrenaline503

    Can I keep my Norcold in my tuck bed?

    While looking around at ute setups online I saw quite a few Aussie rigs that keep the fridge in the truck bed. Would this be recommended in the PNW? I know it would be better inside the truck but I am out of room. Thanks, Jon
  12. adrenaline503

    Lowest price on ARB Simpson III

    I am considering purchasing an ARB Simpson III in the next month or so. Seeing as I can will call here in Seattle saving on shipping is a pretty sweet deal. Anyway, if anyone (vendors) is having a sale or promotion I would love to hear about it. Let me know what's out there.
  13. adrenaline503

    WTB - Roof Top Tent

    I am looking for a high quality Roof Top Tent in the PNW. $1300.00 is my budget since I can pick up a brand new Simpson III locally from ARB. I am open to most brands and models as long as they are in good condition. Thanks, Jon
  14. adrenaline503

    2004 Nissan Frontier 4x4 with Ute Ltd Aluminum Flatbed

    2004 Nissan Frontier XE 4x4 Crew Cab 58,xxx miles Ute Ltd. Flatbed $13,000 Location: Seattle WA Unfortunately circumstances have changed, and I have decided to sell my 2004 Nissan Frontier. It's been a great truck and I have put a lot of work into it, but I just don't use it to its potential...
  15. adrenaline503

    How light can a 8' FWC Camper get?

    Hello, I would really like to get a FWC for my Nissan Frontier that has a Ute bed installed. Sounds simple enough, except for the fact that I HAVE to buy used due to budget. My budget is probally only 2k. In the PNW that puts me in the 8' models made for older full size domestic trucks...
  16. adrenaline503

    Nice C/L Wildernest for a Tacoma in Portalnd area

    Not mine, looks nice though:
  17. adrenaline503

    HVAC controls don't work after break in

    My truck got broken into and the dash was ripped out, now my HVAC controls dont work. No fans, AC and defrost lights wont come on either. They also stole my FSM so Im a loss on whats going on. Are there any fuses that service that function? Also, what plugs so into the back of the controller? I...
  18. adrenaline503

    Best Deal in a Recovery Kit?

    So I go to my truck tonight and see that at some point today someone had broken in and stolen all my recovery gear, ripped out my dash etc etc. So I had JUST finished piecing together my kit last week, now it is gone. Instead of piecing it together I will probably just buy a complete kit. So...
  19. adrenaline503

    Want to trade Norcold MRFT 60 for 45-50 quart 12VDC refridgerator or $600.00

    Hello, I bought a used Norcold MRFT 60 refrigerator off craigslist last week, and after its maiden voyage I have decided it is just too large for my needs. You could EASILY pack a weeks worth the food in this thing, its huge. Both the 12VDC and 110AC circuits work, it froze a warm water...
  20. adrenaline503

    Using shackles made in China?

    Hello, I am looking to get some d-ring shackles but all the ones I have found are made in China. On the Coast Guard ship I worked on we were required (not sure if was official policy) to use shackles stamped "USA" because of concerns that the China shackles were cast incorrectly. Do you run...