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  1. LostInTheWorld

    Sideways slide base for Dometic chest refrigerator (CFX-40W)

    We have a Dometic CFX-40W that we are putting in our Unimog expedition truck. We are looking for a slide base that allows us to slide the refrigerator sideways. We like the design of the normal Dometic CFX‑SLD3540 slide, but it slides the refrigerator the long direction and that will not work...
  2. LostInTheWorld

    Refurbished 1996 LMTV M1078 Expo Truck *SOLD*

    *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* *SOLD* It's been a really hard decision for us, but after much discussion we have decided to sell our LMTV. Our LMTV is awesome, but we're not sure we have the energy to complete the construction of a large hab for this LMTV. We went to Overland...
  3. LostInTheWorld

    M1078 LMTV expedition vehicle build

    Hello all, I’m fairly new posting here, but I have been a long time expedition portal browser. I have also been very active on other forums for years (G503, cruisersforum, rotaryforum, and steel soldiers). I want to share a bit about our newest project. ---Project Background: I am a nature...
  4. LostInTheWorld

    For Sale: Maggiolina AirLand

    We are selling our Maggiolina AirLand. It's the "small" size (51"x83"). I think it's the lowest profile model that they sell. It is the crank up style. We are asking $1,800 OBO. It is located in Tehachapi, California, USA Our reason for selling is that we are just starting a big expedition...