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    Flatbed Four Wheel Camper $2500

    SOLD I am very reluctant to sell this camper. When I started this project my intent was to upgrade from a tent in the dirt. We used it as is a lot, but now desire more comfort. My wife and I have purchased a new truck bed camper, so I need space in my shop. For all the details on the...
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    Four Wheel Camper Flatbed Conversion

    I am currently gutting my 1985 FWC Grandby to modify the frame to fit onto a flatbed truck. I have been dreaming of this conversion, but never actually thought I would do it. I bought the camper last year in Utah for $500. Here is a pic from the day we got it. The main reason I am doing...
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    Old DIY Pop Up Camper Plans

    I thought this was interesting.....
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    Extended Cab Storage Box/Dog Platform Ideas

    I need some help....I am wanting to build a lockable storage box in the extended cab portion of my W-250. I also want the top of the box to be suitable for my dogs to ride on. I have done several searches without much luck on finding other examples. Wanted Features Lockable Padded on the...