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  1. ca18_sean

    CA18_Sean's HJ75 Troopy - Build & Restore Thread

    1989 HJ75 Troop Carrier 2H Diesel H55F 5 Speed Manual Aftermarket turbo (Turbo Dynamics) OME Lift TJM Alloy Bumper 630K KM's (no documentation, but seller informed me it was rebuilt once before) I've wanted a troopy for years, but they've always been way out of my budget. Came across this...
  2. ca18_sean

    OEM Split Wheel Questions

    So let me preface this by saying I've read dozens of OEM split wheel threads on multiple forums, and I'm still finding myself a little confused by some of the tube/flap/tire specifics. I have a set of 16 inch, 6 lug split wheels that came on my HJ75. I also have a brand new set of Toyo Open...
  3. ca18_sean

    HJ75 MPH gauge cluster

    Looking for a bit of advice. Does anyone know where I can find an HJ75 gauge cluster in MPH? 1989 HJ75, 12V, 2H diesel motor. I found this one on iH8mud (the bottom one) so I know they exist! Any ideas what it came out of so I can focus my search? I haven't been able to find one on eBay...
  4. ca18_sean

    CA18_Sean's 1st Gen 4Runner expedition build

    1986 4Runner 22RE My weekend toy that I'm in the process of building up to drive the Trans America Trail in the next year or so with a buddy of mine on his dual sport. *Edit, change of plans. Bought an HJ75 Troopy to do the trip with. Current status picture: Current status : SOLD. Going away...
  5. ca18_sean

    1992 Montero - Already built, build thread!

    I picked up this nicely equipped Montero from Alex (Monterorider) on here a couple months back :) If you're not familiar with his truck, he did a fantastic job outfitting it for light expedition duty! Already complete mods include : - 33" 285/75R16 TrXus MT tires - Jeep ZJ ARB...
  6. ca18_sean

    1986 4Runner 4x4 - Tampa, FL

    ***Going to install some additional parts I had laying around, and re-list once I've got it all put together perfectly :)