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    iOS Editor for GPX files

    Hello: I seek a means of directly editing GPX files in the iOS (iPad & iPhone) environment. I need the ability to trim, simplify, and split tracks and I would like the additional abilities to alter and merge tracks as well as edit descriptions, etc. I'm aware that this can be done with at...
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    2020 Gaia Topo Map

    Fellow Wanders: Gaia has recently released a new version of their Gaia Topo map layer. I've spent a little time with it on my iOS devices and Windows computer (via GoogleChrome). If you're interested, visit this link which explains access. Apparently it is available for Android users willing...
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    Change low pressure fuel pump 2017 Fuso FG

    Hello Folks: Heidi and I need to do a field replacement of the low pressure fuel pump (located above the fuel tank) on Prima Terra II. Heidi is with the truck out in the backcountry and I'm in civilization sourcing a new pump without access to the truck, and when at the truck access to the...
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    Experience With Samson Saturn 12?

    Hello: Anyone have experience with Samson Saturn 12 line? I'm specifically interested in how it splices & what splices you've used, how it stands up to abuse compared to regular Amsteel Blue, and if you know of a good source to purchase from (1/2" & 9/16")? I've used and spliced Amsteel Blue...
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    Efficacy of Sealant & Tubeless Tires

    Fellow Bike Ramblers: Just for fun I spent 20 minutes this evening reviewing punctures in the rear tire (27.5 x 3" Rocket Ron) of my Salsa Mukluk as I added some more sealant. Here in New Mexico we have our share of spiked flora - Goatheads, Russian Olive thorns, Mesquite spikes, prickly pear...
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    Packraft - Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area

    Just returned from a packraft trip through the Gila Box Riparian NCA with my Wilderness Biology class. River is fast, but manageable (800 - 850 cfs), lots of flowers, & great weather. We left our vehicles at the Dry Canyon Take Out Area, got a shuttle from Cesar (928 348-7977) to Owl Creek...
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    SOLD - FS Salsa Fargo Complete Touring Package, NM $1,200 - SOLD

    Bike has Sold Expedition Portal Colleagues: I'd like to sell my like-new 1st generation Salsa Fargo Touring setup. Bike, racks, & panniers $1,200 More photos here Details: Bike - Like new 2010 First Generation Salsa Fargo, 58 cm equivalent, less than 1,000 miles Shimano XT Triple 9 spd...
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    Solo Grand Canyon Packraft/backpack Trip - Launch Tomorrow!

    Expo Water Colleagues: At Lee's Ferry & just realized we have cell coverage. So here's an update: Completed equipment check this afternoon & all permits in hand so will launch tomorrow after the orientation. Winter season so only one party launches per day, no comercial trips, and no motors...
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    Erratic Speedometer - 2004 Tacoma

    We have a recent problem with the speedometer on our 2004 4x4 Tacoma (double cab), automatic transmission. The speedometer fluctuates wildly. Sometimes it seems to jump 10 - 20 mph around a particular value - say 80 mph could be the center and it would drop to 60 and up to a 100 several times...
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    Denali Llama - First Paddle

    After a recent backcountry trip into Burnt Canyon off of Twin Point in the western regions of the Grand Canyon's North Rim, I decided I needed a pack raft to incorporate the river into some longer canyoneering trips. Did a bit of research and decided on an Alpacka Raft Denali Llama...
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    WTB - Snowpeak Pack & Carry Fireplace, Large, & Accessories

    We're looking for a Snowpeak Pack & Carry Fireplace (large size) setup. If you'd like to part with yours send me a PM or an email. We're located in New Mexico, but would consider paying for shipping & we travel north and west a lot so a pick up might be a possibility. Howard
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    Voltage Regulator / Limiter Recommendaitons?

    I need to install a voltage regulator (actually a limiter) in the line feeding power to our Webasto Dualtop Heater. Needs to be adjustable or set to clip voltage at 14.4 volts and handle 65 watts (about 6 amps). Any recommendations? The problem we have is an interesting one. Our house...
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    EarthCruiser - How Long to Change A Tire?

    During a recent conversation about EarthCruisers, someone asked me about the spare tire mounts and the accessibility of the spares. Since I was going to rotate our two spares onto the rear axle today, I decided to time the various phases of a completely manual tire change - driver's seat to...
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    Greastest Range - Single Tank with the 5VZ?

    I use our 2000 4runner for my 80 mile/day commute and have been trying to get my greatest range out of a single tank of fuel. Today was my best so far - 460.4 miles. Filling the tank took 17.3 gallons which works out to about 26.6 m/g. If the tank is 18.9 gallons total (not sure about that) I...
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    Installing Fender Flares - 04 Tacoma

    I've removed the passenger rear fender flare (stock plastic bulge around wheel well opening) on our 04 DC Tacoma as a step in removing the other black plastic piece that lines the wheel wheel. Removals done to gain access to empty space forward of wheel well. Question: I'm ready to reinstall...
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    Prolonged Towing 1.5 to 2 k pounds '04 Tacoma

    All: I've read through many of the Tacoma towing posts and would still like to hear from others who have towed 1,500 to 2,000 pounds long term with their 2000 - 2004 4x4 Tacomas. I realize our trucks can tow 5,000 pounds across town, but I'm looking at towing a trailer for a couple of thousand...
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    Just listed TW200 in classifieds

    ExPo Colleagues: I just posted my wife's 2006 TW200 in the classifieds. Howard Snell
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    2006 Yamaha TW200, 1690 miles, New Mexico

    Bike is sold 2006 Yamaha TW200 – 1690 miles, $2,200 OBO. Belen, New Mexico Bike is like new – purchased from original owner with 300 miles. Always garaged & all service done on schedule. Was my wife's bike, but both of us are riding less and hiking more so it's time to clear...
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    Just Posted TE610 in Classifieds

    Hey: I just posted my Husky 2008 TE610 in the classifieds in case your looking for a good dualsport..... Howard
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    2008 Husqvarna TE610 Dualsport - New Mexico

    Bike & accessories are sold, pending bank clearance of check. Thanks for all the interest! 2008 Husqvarna TE610 Dualsport; 3,766 miles; $5,350 w/accessories [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG] Fuel injected, six speed dualsport. Handles single track or the freeway with ease. Bike in great...