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  1. Kgh

    Help Identify Winch Bumper

    Picked this up at an auction. Anyone know where I can get hardware to mount? Manufacturer? Please PM me. Thanks.
  2. Kgh

    Worth asking..Defender ?

    It is worth asking, as someone may have a stalled project or parts rig. I am looking for a legally imported Defender 110/130 project. I have all the parts needed to build a Defender but need the US legal base for one. Message me here.
  3. Kgh

    Iceland 2017

    We are going on our second Iceland trip, this time in our own Defender. We rented a 130 with amcamper last time, but it was VERY expensive..We are leaving on Mar 18th from Hirtshals, DK on the ferry to. Our return date is April 5th. The rig is a 1994 LR Defender 110 Utility. 300Tdi, MOD...
  4. Kgh

    Iceland in Mar/Apr2017

    Hi, all. We are sailing from Hirtshals on the 18March to Iceland. We return from Iceland on the ferry on 05April. This is our second time going, last time was 8 days and we did the entire route 1. We are hoping to get inland a bit, nothing too crazy. We have the Iceland road condition...
  5. Kgh

    The 130

    Finally found a 130 a few weeks ago. Scabby old 1987 RHD work beast, but an importable 130. Bought from private seller, now at Foley's in UK getting some chassis work, new suspension and bushes, brakes, 2.5NA motor turn up and maintenance, etc. Found new take off fuel tank, tub and tailgate...
  6. Kgh

    And then there were 5.

    Somehow increased the stable by two. New to me 90. :wings: Also, picked up a 1987 130. It's in Poor shape, but it is a 130 with papers and proper bits for importing. At 3K, I could not pass it up.
  7. Kgh

    130 suspension question

    Shayne and the rest of y'all driving the big rigs, what is the best set up for loaded 130? We rented the 130 camper, which had a relatively light Tischer camper. It sagged when parked, and was a little ponderous on corners. It had the std. coils with the 130 helper coils inside. Do you guys...
  8. Kgh

    Simple how-to register car/truck and travel Europe

    We are living in Germany and of course have been doing trips. Our cars are regisered in Germany through our work arrangement. One of the things we have a plan for is what happens if my work contract ends. We will need to get normal German registrations. Did some research and found this...
  9. Kgh

    Defender 90/110 Workshop Manual

    Link, save as a pdf, Kindle book, whatevs.
  10. Kgh

    300 TDi Rebuild/Overhaul Manual
  11. Kgh

    Puma Manuals, Specs, Wiring, links

    Save as .pdf, iBooks, or Kindle
  12. Kgh

    DiscoI and DiscoII Workshop Manuals Link
  13. Kgh


    We are beginning the real prep for an overland adventure. Short term, I keep working and we take trips as we can around Europe. Long term, we just hit the road. Currently sitting (or getting in the way being 'helpful') at Mehari offroad store here in Darmstadt.
  14. Kgh

    Overland Defender Warranty

    Hello all. I am an American working in Germany. Saw this as a chance to get a nice Defender. We bought a Land Rover Certified Defender 110 SW, 2013 Model accoriding to TOPIX. It had 37,000 kilometers when we bought in earlier this year. We take the Defender everywhere, all as part of a gear up...
  15. Kgh

    Defender Air Suspension

    At Abenteur und Allrad show, I made an offhand remark about LR4 air suspension... Lo and behold I recieved a quick Nakatanenga demo of the 110 air suspension they carry. Super cool. Too pricey for me, anyone know how it rides?
  16. Kgh

    Great LR Service

    Now that we are in Netherlands, here is an edited post: On a fun and work road trip, we went from Stuttgart to a small city in Belgium to see some friends. Had a great meal, good conversation, and learned the are moving to Granada in two months. Always good to have friends with a spare room...
  17. Kgh

    Who makes this?

    Does anyone know the manufacturer? Saw at dealer in Germany. Apologies to Shayne if it posts sideways...
  18. Kgh

    Yanks in Europe

    I had posted we were moving to Belgium. That fell through. We are now in Stuttgart, have a 2013 D110 SW, and are looking forward to touring Europe. Went to Nakatanenga today for some goodies, spending night in Nürnburg and visit castle tomorrow. Need to find out where "off the beaten path" is...
  19. Kgh

    KGH's Defender

    Work has transferred the wife and I to Germany for the foreseeable future. The LR4 went into storage, so we picked a 2012 Defender from a dealer in Augsburg. Due to the status of my employment, I am not subject to VAT (a 19% Value Added Tax common here) so it was basically 20% off sticker...
  20. Kgh

    East Coast Defender are Stand Up Guys

    A few of you have seen the build thread I had posted on a Defender 110. Long story short, plans changed due to transfer overseas, build plans changed, build dates were pushed back, conversations were had, and East Coast Defender and I got into a bit of a pissing contest. The final outcome is...