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    What kind of problems have you had with your Fuso?

    As Westyss suggests, tires can contribute. Do you know if the balancing was properly done (lug centric versus hub centric)? Most shops only do hub centric balancing these days, but Fuso's balance best with lug centric balancing, especially with aftermarket wheels. If you have alloy wheels...
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    New Fuso 4x4

    In my experience - owned a 2014 and now a 2017, they have been completely responsive. In fact I sorta thought it was time to sell the 2014 because it's warranty was running out. Then the gentleman who bought it from me got a complete emissions and turbo system (plus other stuff but I don't...
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    2020 EarthCruiser?

    I think it all depends on what someone is looking for. The 2020 EarthCruisers have considerably more features than the 2014 that one might have purchased new at $250,000. If one wants those features and wishes to drive away in a completed truck then the price of the 2020's is what it costs to...
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    Is there an "ultimate" tablet for Gaia/GPS?

    Like Rando we struggled for a year to make GAIA work for us on our Samsung tablet and phones. We gave up and moved our GAIA work over to an iPad (12.9 3rd gen celluar) and iPhone (11 Pro). The difference was night and day. This is not a statement about iOS being better than Android (I don't...
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    Earthcrusier CORE DIY Chassis

    Hello Allan: Yes it is! A pair of dual cabs set up to carry mountain bikes, packrafts, backpacks, and two duffels per student would be perfect perfect replacements for those old 8 passenger vans we used to use for summer-long field trips.... Howard
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    hitch bike rack wobble

    We have several ISI racks on different vehicles. They all use the ISI threaded pin / inserted flange system which works great. Basically the "pin" is replaced with a fully threaded bolt (we use M16 x 2, 130mm although 120 mm might work -depends on your receiver), then a flange consisting of an...
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    Should you still buy a Fuso in North America?

    If I was in your position. I would seek direct communication with as many actual owners of both 2007 and 2017 trucks as I could find. I’d drive both versions in conditions similar to what I anticipate would be my ultimate use. I’d also look into the degree of computer control and thus “limp...
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    Should you still buy a Fuso in North America?

    RadarGuy: There are differences in software for the various control units (emissions, engine, transmission, etc) that noticeably affect performance. There have been transmission, engine, and fuel system upgrades as well. I don't know about 2012s and 2013s, but some 2014s that enjoyed savvy...
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    Should you still buy a Fuso in North America?

    Just for the record - We’ve owned two North American FG’s with the 3.0 liter ULSD and Duonic transmissions - a 2014 and a 2017. Many, many happy miles and remote campsites with both. The 2014 has moved on to another owner who travels about as much as we did and appears content as well. Yes...
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    GAIA Issue

    Have you tried contacting GAIA support? It sounds like something they need to address. Howard
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    GAIA Issue

    Definitely sounds odd. Assume you are certain that the email address entered before the password is the same? If you are a premium member you can call them - rarely get a tech immediately, but I find leaving a voice mail can get a response quicker than email. Unfortunately, you may be out of...
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    Big custom camper sightings

    Two parking spaces just for the rear wheels and bumper!
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    High output alternator

    What year is your truck? The stock alternator increased to 140 amps around 2010 to 2012 (I'm not certain of the date - our 2014 and our 2017 both had the 140). If yours is less that 140 and 140 would suit your needs a new one from Fuso might work? Howard
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    EC FX vs. GXV Patagonia

    Drive them both and spend a night in both if possible. Then buy the one that sings to you. Howard
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    Isuzu NPR or Hino. Why not build on these?

    That truck has an Austral aura!
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    Overland & Hiking Units

    I tried using a Delorme (Garmin) InReach as my SOS, txt & navigation unit for a while. It worked, but wasn't terribly satisfying on the navigation side while in a vehicle. I suspect it would be OK for a long backpacking or bikepacking trip if your route was well established before departure...
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    Isuzu LSD Binding/Grinding Noise

    Hello Steve: Like Julian, we've had the same symptoms in two Fuso FG's (a 2014 and a 2017). In both trucks changing the differential fluid with a proper LSD fluid fixed the problem. We'd tried regular differential fluid and added LSD additives which worked, but our longest lasting solution...
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    Interesting Portable Chain Saw

    We carry a similar manual chain saw and have used it to clear pine trunks fallen across various tracks over the last 5 years. In some conditions it is my favorite cutting tool. While we have used it with a person on each end, I find it most effective when I initially pass the chain under the...
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    MITSUBISHI FUSO TRUCK to withdraw from US market

    Actually there may be at least three options for 14,000 - 16,000 GVW cab over (or cab forward) trucks of similar size to the Fuso in the US: Isuzu - gas link diesel link GM - Link (scroll down to 4500 variants) and Hino - Link look for the 155 variants I'll admit that the GM might not be...
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    Can we get a separate "E-bike/Moped" forum?

    Oh no! No metric "Centuries". That would make me 107 metric years old.... I'm taking my rides every other day in a debatable attempt to get more recovery. I'd like to get 800 miles in this month so rides ought to be 50 miles, but I miss one and that makes catching up harder. When I used to...