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    defender 110 , 36L water tank by front runner outfitters

    did you talk to frontrunner USA the distributor? I asked about a couple of Defender items they do not sell in the US, and they said they could do it, just when ever they shipped other containers of products. the items were smaller so it was faster for me to order from ZA directly. I would...
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    INEOS Grenadier

    the steel wheels look like aftermarket Defender "Modular" wheels or the Jeep Wrangler steelies.. I wonder what the lug spacing and specs are on the wheels?
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    Escape Gear - Tundra Crew Max Seat Covers - Grey - New In Box

    Sold the 2019 Tundra Crew Max TRD Pro after I ordered these. There is a considerable lead time for them Just arrived, New in Bag, never fitted. Grey Canvas, Made in South Africa. These are probably the best seat covers you can buy. Contains: Front and rear seats, Front Center console, Rear Arm...
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    Financing a Land Cruiser (built)

    Buy stock, if you have to finance that's ok.. wait till you pay it off to Modify it based on all the research you have done in the mean time. Maybe do wheels tires and lift if you still paying on it, but really that $ should go to the loan if possible.. Generally I hate buying a modified...
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    Escape Gear Seat Covers - Toyota Tundra Crew Max - NEW In Box

    So new they are just shipping from South Africa this week - due in shortly. I will ship to you when they arrive. The truck is being sold so these will not be needed. Grey Canvas - Fits front and rear seats and center console. Purchased for a TRD Pro Tundra Never fitted, of course. $500 +...
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    Defender 110 - buyers guide

    with the Turkish trucks you should really look at the build quality, many of them are pretty sketchy - I would take a screw driver and check the frame very good (I've seen bondo and then undercoating, if possible look inside the doors at the frames, behind the dash, etc. these trucks were...
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    New Defender News

    yes they are starting to come in now - these 2 were at my local dealer on Monday, I'm sure they are in the hands of owners by now. My tundra TRDpro is huge next to them but they are smaller than I expected. The interior is really nice, the plastic hood 5 bar, was movable with my finger.. I...
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    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    thats a jeep being pushed..
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    Is the limit of putting air out of your tire relative to your wheel and tire combo?

    for technical terrain I use 12-16psi normally, for sharp rocks a bit more (20 psi ash), for dirt roads it depends on the corrugations and the speed to the sweet spot. I use normal wolfs on a D90 NAS, my friends use the ANR wheels that those are copied from. Your fine :) Below 10 psi I have had...
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    Defender 110 - Sleeping arrangements

    looks good. I'm going to start work on it this spring.
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    Camp truck with VE power system up/running

    A question... with both the PV charger and the DC/DC hooked up do they prioritize one over the other Say when you are running the DC-DC charger is primary, or are they just both running. I was looking at adding a Victron DC-DC charger to my system when I switch batteries to lithium.
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    Cutting the Fat. Bumpers???

    I think you are over thinking it... first go to the local truck stop/dump and weigh your truck with nothing in it. Then load it up as you would to go wherever and weight it again and add your typical passenger weight figure out where you are at as a baseline first then start looking at the...
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    Next Gen Land Cruiser

    If 1/2 of it is true that would be great, if they just brought the 70 series to us with a gas motor and auto I would be ecstatic.. Lexus can have the 300 series in lux form, it actually makes some sense that they would not be competing against themselves anymore with the same product for the...
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    Next Gen Land Cruiser

    I haven't seen much but this warms my heart hearing this... " As for the iconic Land Cruiser, the U.S. model will reportedly be sold only with five seats as a “serious off-roader” without an emphasis on luxury. It will be heavily based on the next Tundra and offered at a significantly lower...
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    Help Me Build A Defender 110 Please

    Ray can you access the tent from inside the truck?
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    Defender 110 - Sleeping arrangements

    Jack that is the longer term plan... just need something for this year since my project plate is full with axles and an engine auto transmission swap.
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    Gazelle Tent or Kodiak Canvas?

    These look interesting (i have an Oz now but would like something that packs smaller..) look at the 6 person ver
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    New Defender News

    Gerry's sentiments are par for the course.... While everyone else (Jeep, Toyota, GM, Ford, Subaru, Etc) are embracing the aftermarket and going after the overland dollar, Land rover is over in its corner saying it knows how to do it best does not want to play. Lets see if they are right and...