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  1. silvElise

    My custom APRS Web Tracking

    Hey All, So I have been nerding out the past few days on developing this webpage/reporting tool. I use to simply embed maps on a page with my call sign to make tracking easy for friends and family. The big issue with this is it only shows data from the past 2 days making longer trips...
  2. silvElise

    Trying to hook up my CB

    Hey guys, I am trying to hook up my cb. The new to me auto I purchased already has wiring to the roof rack. I asked the person I bought it from but he never used a CB so is unsure. The problem I am having is the mounting bracket it is on and the firestik I have don't line up. I am wondering...
  3. silvElise

    queen sized sleeping pad?

    Hey guys, I am looking into sleep padding solutions. I really want to go for queen sized and am reluctant to try a full inflatable air mattress just because of the hot/cold issues. Not to mention everyone seems to lose air and need to be replaced often. I really like the 3" inflatable pads but...
  4. silvElise

    Oz tent alternative?

    Hey guys, I really like the oz tent but do not like the 6'8" packed bag. I am trying to find a nice canvas tent that is quick and easy enough to setup with same styling (doesn't need to be 30 seconds but prefer not much more then 5-10 mins). 6'4" is about right that will play nicely with my...
  5. silvElise

    My 95 Rover :)

    Hey Gents and Gals, Starting a thread on a new to me 95 rover! I bought it from another member on here (viggen) a few weeks ago. LAOutback and I drove it back and have been wrenching on it ever since. Today was the first day to go take it out for some fun..... And fun was had! The thing is a...
  6. silvElise

    way to tell difference on OME setup?

    Hey guys, I am about to possibly make a purchase on a disco 1 and I was wondering if there is a way to tell the difference between the OME standard duty setup and heavy duty? The guy does not know as it was installed before he got it. Thanks!
  7. silvElise

    Disco1 or 2?

    Hey guys, I am new to the forum and I am looking to build a fun overlander... I tried to look at the starter thread but could not find the differences or a discussion on it.... I have decided to go with a rover but I am unsure on whether to go for a d1 or d2. Both are fairly similar in price...