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    WTB: Smaller, Winter-Ready RV

    Bigfoots do well but command a high price. Triple-E are simply the best off the shelf rigs for cold. Unfortunately most are in Canada but if you have the dough there are some high end units in the states. The company has evolved into Leisure Travel Vans. ALP built in Yakima but sold in Canada...
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    4x4 1983 E150 Quadravan 6.8 DEISEL. - Vegg-O-Matic Tank - Oregon
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    88 VW LT40 4x4 Diesel in Canada Syncro on Steroids

    Not something you see everyday ! I do at times miss my old money pit !
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    2007 Gulfstream 4x4 30' BT Cruiser - Gas Beast

    Navigate any Walmart parking lot with all 8 kids !
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    2012 Provan Tiger 4x4 Duramax Diesel 15k California

    If I hadn't made a purchase I would be looking at this.
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    95 REVCON 6x6 Seats 6+ Sleeps 4+ $50k

    Cool rig. Buyer sounds solid. YMMV.
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    1995 TIGER CX VAN PRO. $6K

    Could be a fun project ...
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    84 Duece Military 4x4 with Rhino Coated Habitat
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    91 Chevy Provan Popup 4x4
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    Toyota Townace Diesel 4x4 Popup
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    Fully built out LMTV with habitat -- $40k

    Not sure if this has posted here before. Looks sweet and seller is motivated.
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    2006 Mercedes Sprinter Westfalia - made in Germany, brought into USA by Airstream, very rare

    I second the more photos thing: Bath, Undercarriage etc. Looking for a snowboarding rig. How is the Cold Weather performance on these ? Single pane windows/well insulated ? Can the bath be fitted with extra Aerogel insulation ? Is the bath heated by the furnace ? Are the tanks...
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    2002 Born Free 24' Diesel 4x4 on Ebay.

    Too long for me but a great rig.
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    2018 ShowHauler Custom 4x4 RV

    Funny, was just about to post this as well. PM PDX USA
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    SOLD: LMTV M1078 Expedition vehicle starter kit

    Might be easier to insulate from the exterior and then skin. I only ask cause going down to Camping World and looking at one is not a likely circumstance ! I'm sure the salesman wouldn't mind me ripping off the interior panels to take a peek... Thanks, Paul
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    SOLD: LMTV M1078 Expedition vehicle starter kit

    Nice ! Figured this would move quick. Little too much truck for my use but I was considering. I am thinking about a FUSO/Big 3 Flatbed cold weather build out. Can I ask a few about the Hi-Lo ? 18 footer from what I can figure ? Is there enough room in the walls to fir out and add more than...
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    2007 Tiger 4x4 Class C RV excellent condition - $21000 Eugene, OR Lack of any pics makes me cautious. Proceed with caution,