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  1. Sixinarow

    EM Motors Boise

    Has anyone ever dealt with EM Motors in Boise, Idaho? They have a couple Sprinters I'm interested in. I have been texting one of the owners and she's been very helpful. Anyone with experience?
  2. Sixinarow

    M2 106s

    So, tell me about the Freightliner M2 106s. I found a 2012 with the 6.7. It's a crew cab, flatbed, 4x4. Who makes the 4x4 conversion? Are the 6.7s dogs compared to the 8.3? I've had two Rams with the 6.7. Are they fairly simple to lift if I wanted larger wheels and tires? Do they require a...
  3. Sixinarow

    Van Sighting

    Saw a bad-ass, white, E-350, maybe 6" lift, rear rack with mtn bike on the back, eastbound in Glenwood Canyon this morning between Glenwood Springs and Dotsero. I was on Amtrak when you went by. Nice ride!
  4. Sixinarow

    V10 Exhaust Manifold Studs

    Hi all. I found an E350 with a V10. It has exhaust manifold studs that are broken. I don't know, yet, which ones are broken. But I wanted to see what is all involved with actually accessing the manifolds? I've never owned a van or had to dig into a vehicle that has an engine that far under...
  5. Sixinarow

    Lifting a Quigley Chevy Bus

    Are Chevy 4500s with a Quigley 4x4 conversion able to be lifted? The one I found is a Turtletop with the 6.6 Duramax. I don't know much about Chevy IFS and lifts.
  6. Sixinarow

    Which 4wd Company Built This Bus?

    Checked out this Terra Top bus yesterday. Quigley, Quadvan, or...? Anyone know? Thanks.
  7. Sixinarow

    Van Or Truck Chassis

    Hi, all. I know this is the van forum and may get some biased responses but figured I'd ask anyway. I've been looking at 4x4 Turtletop Van Terras, specifically the E-350/V10 combo. However, I came across a few 2010-2012 F-550s with a Glaval body, like this one...
  8. Sixinarow

    Ford 6.0L PSD

    Hi all. I know many of your on here one the E-350 in one trim or another. I've been debating an E-350 Turtletop for a conversion. One that I found has the 6.0L. I've had diesel trucks before, one Ford 6.9L and then four Dodges. Two 5.9Ls and two 6.7Ls. Being a Dodge guy I didn't care to...
  9. Sixinarow

    2018 Chevy Express 2.8 Duramax

    Has anyone driven one or bought one? I found one locally. I test drove it today and like it. I'd like it even more if it was an extended and had a pop-top. Express 3500, 2.8L Duramax inline-four, 8-speed auto and has the Advanced 4x4 IFS 3" conversion done with 3.73 gears. It's peppy, it...
  10. Sixinarow

    EZ Trac

    My newest pipe dream is to build a removable box on a crew cab Freightliner M2 106. 4x4s are kind of rare and fairly expensive. Instead of doing a 4x4 front axle, has anyone researched EZ Trac hydraulic axles? They run off the PTO and are synched with the rear axle speed. Thanks, Nick
  11. Sixinarow

    Best European Sites for Trucks

    I'm looking for a list of sites to browse at trucks for import to the states. I had a few bookmarked but have a new computer. ... ... Thanks!
  12. Sixinarow

    Smittybilt SRC Rear Bumper

    Hi all. I have the chance to buy a used one from a local body shop, slightly scratched, for $200. I read and heard their quality leaves a bit to be desired so wanted to ask the experts. Good/decent quality? Good deal? This is what it looks like installed. Thanks
  13. Sixinarow

    Champion Shuttle Bus

    Found this while browsing
  14. Sixinarow

    I put down a deposit on a Sprinter

    2017, cargo, 4x4, 170", grey blue. It's waiting in South Carolina for a shipping date. I'll update as I get more info. Nick
  15. Sixinarow

    Colorado sighting

    Anyone on I-70 eastbound between Rifle and Glenwood Springs today around 210pm? I am a conductor on Amtrak and saw it as I was heading westbound. Didn't get a great look but looks nice! Grey, cabover, black wheels. Looked factory. Nick
  16. Sixinarow

    Few measurements needed

    Decanter was gracious enough to let me stop by his house and chat with me about his '13 FG. I was able to measure a few things but forgot a few. If anyone else with a '12-'15 FG4X4 cab and chassis wouldn't mind taking a few measurements for me I'd appreciate it. *top of frame to top of cab...
  17. Sixinarow

    The future of US FG4X4s

    Does anyone follow new model year news? In my quest for an FG I learned, (how true it is, I don't know) from my local dealer, that the '16s were having some emissions issues and they never received any or will. He did say the 2017s should be here late summer/early fall. Now, I know we could...
  18. Sixinarow

    High mileage Fuso

    How many miles would you consider too many? Local dealer has a 2008 FG140 4x4 with almost 200k. Mostly light duty delivery driving in the mountains. 5-speed manual, $27500. Looks good in pics. I'm going to go look at it in person.
  19. Sixinarow

    My Fuso-based idea

    Hi all. Here is my first idea for my Fuso-based build. I don't own one except the paper model, haha. I'm probably one of few people that still draw when there are so many modeling programs out there. But, it's relaxing...and I don't have a PC or very powerful laptop. The camper would be...
  20. Sixinarow

    Custom COE build thread?

    I haven't been online in months and before I took a hiatus I remember reading about a custom cab over project. I don't recall if it was a Nissan or other cab, lots of flex, 4x4. Edit: nevermind, found it. Rebelzilla. Thanks, guys.