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  1. thezentree

    Folding hammock recommendations?

    One of my friends got a folding hammock as a bday present from his wife a few years back and he's brought it on a few camping trips. I've fallen in love with it and want my own. I need one with a folding frame so I can use it in my yard with its one tree, and am looking for something that...
  2. thezentree

    17" JK wheels - $50 Central KY ***SOLD***

    ***sold**** I bought these for the tires that were on them, and they've been in boxes in my basement ever since. They are nearly perfect. Asking $50. Or whatever, I just want them out of my basement. I will ship them if you want. IM me here or email me at my username at
  3. thezentree

    SOLD 3rd gen 4Runner Toytec 3" rear springs -$140 Central KY

    **SOLD** Lightly used (~3k miles?) rear springs. Part number 9602-D, which I guess is the same as what they're selling as 9602RC-P? These came as part of the 3" Toytec/Eibach kit. I ran these for a few months and decided to get some slightly shorter springs. These have been gathering dust in...
  4. thezentree

    SOLD FS: 255/75R17 Firestone M/Ts - $350 Central KY SOLD

    ****SOLD Mileage unknown, but evenly worn and no patches or plugs. Tread depth is ~13/32" Asking $350. Want these gone. PM me here or email at my username at
  5. thezentree

    3rd gen 4Runner Rokmen Adjustable Panhard Bar - $225 Central KY

    I bought this in August 2017 when I lifted my 4Runner, ran it for like 2-3k miles, and then took a couple of inches of lift out and no longer needed it. It's been in my basement ever since, but I don't think I'm ever going to put it back in, so it's for sale. It's just about brand new and is in...
  6. thezentree

    SOLD Cabelas Trailgear roof rack $100 Central KY

    SOLD I was supposed to get married in Wilmington, NC the weekend that Hurricane Florence came through. I bought this rack so I could carry gas cans for the trip down in case gas was scarce, but the damage and flooding in Wilmington ended up being so bad our wedding was postponed. This rack was...
  7. thezentree

    FS: (4) Falken AT3W 265/75R16 $450 Central KY

    ***SOLD*** These are great tires and I actually am not thrilled about selling them, but I couldn't get what I wanted for the KO2s I was trying to sell, so I put them back on and am going to sell these. Asking $450 in Central KY. I'd be willing to trade these (± cash, depending on condition)...
  8. thezentree

    (4) 285/75R16 BFG KO2s, $800

    I have 4 almost new 285/75R16 KO2s for sale. These are in great shape, have something like 1,500 miles on them, no patches or plugs, evenly worn. Asking $800, central Kentucky. I'm willing to ship these if you really want me to but it will probably be more expensive than it's worth. PM me here...
  9. thezentree


    I have four 245/75R16 Wild Country XRTs on 2nd gen Taco steel wheels for sale. Tires are in great shape, plenty of tread left. There are still nipples on some of the tires. The wheels are in good shape but some of the paint is peeling. No damage otherwise though. I bought these to rule out...
  10. thezentree

    Tires - C load range 285/75 or 255/85R16s?

    I posted a similar thread over on T4R, but does anyone have experience with an all terrain (or even a good MT) tire in 285/75R16 or 255/85R16 that's not E-load range? I've got 285 KO2s on my 3rd gen 4Runner that look great, but they are way too heavy. I lost like 25% of my fuel range when I...
  11. thezentree

    Tech forums for 4Runners?

    I hope this isn't inappropriate to ask here, but is there a more tech-heavy forum for 4Runners? My sister just bought a brand new 2017 SR5 and is selling her 2001 to me for a song. It's going to need a little TLC though. Is there a ColoradoK5 or JeepForum for 4Runners? This section seems...