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  1. zelseman

    WTB- 8 foot awning and room

    We are looking for an 8 foot awning and screened awning room, preferably an ARB or similar quality. Located in Oklahoma but full time on the road and will be in NM, AZ, CO, UT, and CA this winter and spring.
  2. zelseman

    FS: Canon Camera Gear(Full-Frame, L-glass, Flash,...)

    FOR SALE: Canon Photo/Video Gear (As a kit or a la carte) Location: Tulsa, OK through the end of January/Flagstaff, AZ through May Description: Used Canon kit. Would prefer to sell as a kit (everything in first photo) but will separate, prices below. Kit has been used as a hobby/travel setup...
  3. zelseman

    (NIB) Rago Fab 4Runner Awning Bracket

    I am selling a Rago Fab awning bracket that works with the stock roof rails. This is the link from the Rago site: It’s new in packaging and is marked as a blemished item. I cannot find a blemish. The item...
  4. zelseman

    Old 4Runner w/ Four Wheel Camper

    We love our 1st generation 4Runner but we don’t love living in a roof top tent. We travel 9-12 months out of the year and need something comfortable. The idea has been tossed around to use an old FWC (think 80’s Hawk) in place of the stock topper. We already have OME springs and want to regear...
  5. zelseman

    Pope Overland Expedition Konza Roof Top Tent [SOLD]

    [SOLD] Pope Overland Konza Roof Top Tent Location: Baja Currently, can deliver en-route to Oklahoma, Flagstaff, Custer SD April thru July (See delivery options below) We are selling our roof top tent, a Pope Overland Expeditions Konza. We purchased the tent in October of 2018, it was...
  6. zelseman

    MTB vs Touring for Eastern US

    The wife and I will be traveling through the Eastern US (South Dakota across to Nova Scotia then down through Virigina then down along the Gulf in the Winter)from July until December in our skoolie and we are thinning the heard on what gear we bring. We normally have 4 bikes on our rack, but...
  7. zelseman

    Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard for Long Term Travel

    My wife and I are looking at swapping our creek kayaks for inflatable SUPs. We like the idea of storing them inside and clearing real estate on the roof. Budget is between 500-750 each and we would like an all around boat for mostly flat water. Who hear uses an iSUP on the road?
  8. zelseman

    Talk Me Out of an OBS as a budget overlanding rig!

    My wife and I live on the road full time in one of our two rigs: either the 4 window school bus or our 1986 4Runner with the roof top tent. One is more comfortable, the other is far more capable. Things we like about the skoolie: It is 100% self sustainable. We have solar, water, inverter...
  9. zelseman

    Suspension Lift Options 2000 Chevy 3500 8-lug

    My wife and I have been full-timing out of our 2000 Chevy Short Bus since April and have only recently picked up a 4runner to take to Baja for the Winter while we make plans for the bus. While driving the 4runner I have noticed that living out of a roof top tent is not nearly as comfortable as a...
  10. zelseman

    1986 Toyota 4Runner Baja Budget Build

    Current Photo Year: 1986 Make: Toyota Model: 4Runner Trim: DLX/STD Transmission: 5-Spd Manual Engine: 22RE My wife and I have been searching for a clean-ish 1st gen 4Runner to turn into a full-time travel rig for several years and we finally found what we were looking for. We discovered a love...
  11. zelseman

    America, Baja, and Beyond in a School Bus

    This thread will pick right up from where our build thread dropped off HERE. I didn’t realize that there was a separate thread for on-going adventures. We are way behind on posting our travels on EXPO and we started this trip in April, so consider that while reading this thread. *A little...
  12. zelseman

    Chevy 3500 Bus Suspension Questions: Top Heavy

    We have been running around the American West for 3 months in our converted skoolie and we have really enjoyed the short bus chassis for getting off the road and boon docking every night. We have noticed however, that the bus is pretty top heavy and tippy. We can feel the box rock through...
  13. zelseman

    Full-Time Couple in a Short Bus

    My wife and I shopped most of 2016 for a conversion van or panel van that we could use to make our escape from NE Oklahoma in search of all things adventure. We found and really liked the idea of a school bus conversion and set off to find a bus that fit our budget and needs. Enter a former...
  14. zelseman

    Zelseman's Build Thread: 2002 Xterra 4X4

    This will be my build thread/journal for the modifications and adventures that involve my 2002 Xterra 4X4. I purchased my Xterra in 2013 as a DD/Camp Rig. Mods: Resonator Delete Fluid/Tuneup Baseline Calmini Shackles AC UCA's HD TRE's Raybestos Centerlink AC Idler Arm Brace Raybestos Idler...