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    SOLD - Four Wheel Pop Up - Grandby - For Sale

    1996 Four Wheel Camper - Grandby After a lot of deliberation, we've decided to put our camper up for sale. We are the second owners. Non smokers. Sliding front window with boot Fantastic fan Second roof vent Yakima Tracks Luggage rack - slight damage Heater Refrigerator Rear wall steps...
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    Importing an expedition camper from Europe

    Looking for some input and advice. I may have found my dream expedition camper in Europe. At least on paper, it looks good. It's a 1990 with reasonable mileage. It's a Renault double cab, 4x4 with a nice camper on it. Price seems reasonable as well. First question: Anyone here have first...
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    Mounting a Power Tank

    I'm hoping Stan will chime in on this, but I'm wondering if there is enough structural integrity on a Four Wheel camper to mount my Power Tank to the back wall. I've attached a picture of the proposed area. Thanks
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    ARB shout out

    I just want to give a shout out to the folks up at ARB. I bought a lightly used (only a few months old) ARB 50 qt fridge off of a guy on Craigslist. It was out of town, so I had a buddy complete the transaction and ship it to me. He packed it well and insured it with UPS. It arrived a...
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    Good price on a 4x4 e350?

    Ok, So I couldn't sell my wife on the white e350 bus in NJ, or the ambulance conversion in TX, but I might have found one that would work. What do you all feel is a fair price on a 2002 e350' 4x4 with 130k +/- on a 7.3? The 4x4 is a quigley and the van is a pretty stock cargo van with no...
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    Give me some feedback please Looking for a reason(s) to buy, or not buy, this rig. What do you all think? The idea would be to convert it into a family camper. Problem is that I live in CA. Anyone familiar with this rig? Thanks
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    EBAY Find - Bucher Duro 6x6

    Not mine. No affiliation. Just saw in on Ebay and thought it might be a great platform for someone.
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    Could you convert this to 4x4

    I know it's probably been discussed, but could you convert this to 4x4? If so, would you use Mitsubishi parts, or something else? Seems like it could be...
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    M925 / m813

    We're still evaluating potential vehicles for our quest to create a vehicle that we can use to drive our family of four to South America. My first question is whether or not one of these vehicles can be driven into another country. I know there are plenty for sale and they always say that they...
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    lockers for an FG

    What options are available for lockers (front and rear) for an FG? thanks
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    rebuilding the dodge

    Looking for some input here..................... For years, my wife and I have talked about driving around the world, or at least to South America and maybe places beyond. The journey would most likely start in a couple of years and we'd be taking our two kids along with us. We've decided to...
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    Considering a Discovery

    We've got a growing family and my wife needs a new daily driver that we can also camp out of, ski out of, and maybe take down to Baja. We're seriously considering a Discovery and are wondering about the pro's and cons of this vehicle. I think I read somewhere that the 2004 is a good year. MPG...
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    The Dodge

    I've been a member for a while, but mostly just lurking. Over the years, and unbeknownst to us, I guess you could say we've been building an "expedition vehicle". Here's the background. We've been going to Baja for almost 20 years and have traveled extensively (and lived) in South...
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    Camper Dolly For Sale

    Barely used Uni-dolly. Great for moving your camper around or storing it off your truck. This is also heavy duty enough to move a car around your shop. We are selling because we've sold our camper and no longer have a use for it. They retail for...