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  1. Sixinarow

    Tiger Malayan 2013 4x4 - $98,000 in Salt Lake City

    Yeah, me too. Roughly 700 miles in a year...
  2. Sixinarow

    2015 Ram 5500 Laramie Toy Hauler / RV Camper

    Sweet. I wish. Little out of my price range. GLWS.
  3. Sixinarow

    -Off Market- 2016 RAM 2500 Power Wagon

    Nice. I've been looking at trucks and a PW is a contender.
  4. Sixinarow

    Custom built 2016 RAM 3500 with 2011 Four Wheel Camper Grandby

    Thanks, I see it now. Sheesh, lol If the camper was bigger I'd be all over it.
  5. Sixinarow

    A Truck Camper like no other

    Yeah, yeah, we all know you have the most bad-ass truck out there and everything else is inferior (according to you). Give it a rest.
  6. Sixinarow

    Over-family-landing composite F-550 build

    Cool! Subscribed! Where did you find the truck?
  7. Sixinarow

    Party Rated: Our Ram 5500 budget build

    10 feet cab to axle? Regular cab? I've been looking at some trucks and the crew cab is 60" or 84" CA.
  8. Sixinarow

    ONE OF A KIND Adventure/ Chase 2008 Freightliner 4x4 - $95000 (Fontana)

    I've spoken to Bob (dealer) about it. Sounds like a great truck. Wish I could afford it.
  9. Sixinarow

    FL704x4 Crew Cab

    Old? 2020 M2 106s are the same way.
  10. Sixinarow

    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    That's awesome. Even has the rare 7.9 🤣
  11. Sixinarow

    Tiger sighting! Little one 😝

    Ah, it's so adorable! But, yeah, as Kirkade said, wow, pricey. I'd pay $60k lol.
  12. Sixinarow

    Sold- Fuso FG

    Members Butch1979 and Overland_Brandon have both owned this.
  13. Sixinarow

    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Your link isn't working (for me), FYI.
  14. Sixinarow

    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    I found a few fairly close to me. Going to look at one tomorrow. Definitely keeping you guys in mind for a lift!
  15. Sixinarow

    EM Motors Boise

    Has anyone ever dealt with EM Motors in Boise, Idaho? They have a couple Sprinters I'm interested in. I have been texting one of the owners and she's been very helpful. Anyone with experience?