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  1. Outdoorsben

    Family tent campers, do you use a screen?

    For those of you on the ground, anyone use a screen area. Either separate or attached to the tent for the kids to play in if the weather is bad.
  2. Outdoorsben

    JK’s with an awning and a bestop sunrider

    Anyone have an awning with a sunrider? Any issues with folding it back and hitting the awning?
  3. Outdoorsben

    Waterport, what am I missing?

    I have Had a Rinse Kit for the last couple of years and I have enjoyed it. I decided to get a waterport as I can mount it externally and it’s more capacity. However after getting it and without doing a side by side test I feel like I’m missing the draw. I do like how it’s a large capacity...
  4. Outdoorsben

    Winch wiring (Anderson and gator clips)

    Planning my winch wiring and kicking around a few ideas. I'm curious if anyone has an experience with this particular idea. Instead of wiring a switch into it I was debating of running an Anderson connector to essentially some jumper cable gator clips. I'd keep the battery gator clip section...
  5. Outdoorsben

    Front Runner Modular Awning

    Anyone have any experience with the modular awning? Can't find much info on it or photo's/video's of people using it.
  6. Outdoorsben

    How often do you disconnect?

    Whenever I start heading out I always go back and forth on disconnecting or not disconnecting. Curious how often you guys disconnect before heading out on some overland travel. Obviously if you are rock crawling or tackling some gnarly terrain you do but what about all the other times. I...
  7. Outdoorsben

    Who has had both a mounted awning and a tarp style awning

    Curious who's had a mounted awning i.e. ARB vs the tarp style awning i.e. Slumberjack. I've got a half rack on my Jeep as my front panels are off a lot of the time so I'm deciding vs the two options. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  8. Outdoorsben

    Long cable resources?

    My flexopower has a 5mm charge input but also came with a 5mm to Anderson adapter for solar. I am looking for cables from the panel to unit. However, I need some good length on them. I can’t find anything in the 10’ range that’s mc4 to Anderson. I do see more options with mc4 to 5mm though...
  9. Outdoorsben

    Anyone have a non heavy duty rack on?

    I am not looking to drive with tons of gear on the hard top, just a canoe from time to time but more importantly is bins at night as I sleep inside the Jeep. Anyone running a non HD rack? Non hd as in not rhino, Gobi, kargomaster, garvin etc... looking for more of a smittybilt defender or surco...
  10. Outdoorsben

    Jeep Go Topless Day

    Who's going to be attending one of their local Go Topless Day meetups??
  11. Outdoorsben

    Hand Winch worth it or no?

    I don't wheel hard anymore it's more exploratory wheeling. I often take my young kids (5 & 3) exploring forest or logging roads and setup camp. I try not to get myself into situations that I will get stuck but things happen on the trail. I was debating on getting a winch and mounting it to a...
  12. Outdoorsben

    (MA) Black Forest (Webasto) 31qt Fridge - $400

    I bought this earlier last year as a starter overland fridge to see if it would be useful for myself and the family on camping/overland trips. I actually leave/left the fridge in full time as it's awesome to always have food and drinks in my Jeep. I'm only selling it upgrade to a much larger...
  13. Outdoorsben

    (MA) Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (JKU) Premium Soft Top

    Premium Twill Soft Top from '15 JKU - $600 Premium soft top off my '15 JKU. Dual top Jeep so this was never run in the winter time. Top is in pretty good condition. It gets used half the year so it has a bit of wear on it. Side and rear windows have a few scratches but can still see out of them...
  14. Outdoorsben

    Awning off Kargo Master Congo Pro?

    Anyone running an awning off the Congo pro? Pics or what did you use to mount it?
  15. Outdoorsben

    Your Sleeing Setup...

    So what’s your sleeping setup with the kids. Ground tent or rtt? Pics appreciated.
  16. Outdoorsben

    Awning tent

    Anyone use the screened in or walled options as a tent for their awning. If so how is it working out for you and how many people generally sleep in it?
  17. Outdoorsben

    Garvin Adventure Half Rack

    Anyone running one? Starting to think about racks and tops a little more. Do you like it? What do you carry on it? Etc...
  18. Outdoorsben

    Fridge in DD JK

    How many of you keep your fridge hooked up and running in your DD JK when not exploring?
  19. Outdoorsben

    Wrangler top choice?

    I am going to assume that most people prefer a hard top but was curious to see how many soft top explorers are out there. Also, why did you prefer the soft top on your vehicle?
  20. Outdoorsben

    Interesting convo I had "Which would you rather have?"

    I had an interesting conversation today and it led me to think. I haven't quite answered it myself, but am curious what you all think. For camera gear (photo & video), would you rather have a Mavic Pro, iPhone/upper-end Android, and a gimbal or would you just have a mid priced DSLR or...