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  1. FlyingWen

    RRC Build ... Roverzilla

    If all goes as planned, we will be selling the white 87 RRC sooner rather then later.
  2. FlyingWen

    Four peaks pickup 2010

    Sierra Expeditions is selling the 4 Peaks Pick Up Stickers to help fund some of the costs associated with the 2010 Clean Up. 100% of the proceeds will be going to the organizer. Can't wait to see everyone again this year and, of course, we will be there as well. I am hopefully getting a radio...
  3. FlyingWen

    Pro-4X Build Thread

    Thanks for the SE referral. I am waiting for ARB to call me back regarding their next shipment to see if we could grab a few of these bumpers. They sure are sexy! Anyone seen a part number?
  4. FlyingWen

    Looking for a snorkel pre-filter

    Hey guys! We just sold our last to Uni Filters and the droopie filters went extremely quick. We have put a call into a friend over in OZ to look for these, but ARB USA does not carry them. Wil wanted one for his truck, but I sold it right out from under him. Will keep ya posted if we get more in.
  5. FlyingWen

    FlyingWen's 2002 Jeep Liberty KJ

    That is kinda what I am going for. Yours is nice as well. Thanks for sharing!
  6. FlyingWen

    10% Off Sale at Sierra Expeditions!!!

    Just got the official quote. There are EXACTLY 6 MT35/MT45 TwoZone Compartments remaining in the US.
  7. FlyingWen

    FlyingWen's 2002 Jeep Liberty KJ

    Todd- You Rock! Thx for the sketch and that will be in the works shortly
  8. FlyingWen

    FlyingWen's 2002 Jeep Liberty KJ

    As some of you may already know, I occasionally get heckled at gas stations with others accusing me that I am driving my "husband's jeep". Well, as a solution to this, I previously had Wil spray paint my Hi-Lift a nice pretty Lavender color to ward off these comments: Much to Wil's dismay...
  9. FlyingWen

    Sedonafest 2009

    We had a great time. My trip was short, but sweet. Aside from the drive shaft issue (which I originally broke at the Overland Expo 08), the KJ ran great and did a good job on the trails. Good to see some old friends and make new ones!
  10. FlyingWen

    New Products Available at Sierra Expeditions!!!

    We also have MaxTrax, coming in soon too! :victory:
  11. FlyingWen

    Overland Training's Expedition Woman Course!

    Sorry I had to miss this one guys. A last minute change to my school schedule caused me to have a huge Final that weekend. Got an A on the final, but missed out on a great opportunity for the OT Women's edition.
  12. FlyingWen

    Pett Potty Review

    SE now carries all Pett Potty accessories. We do not have the bottom cover on our site, but we can get it!
  13. FlyingWen

    4 States - 5 Days; AZ, NM, CO, UT

    DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You mentioned a few scratches on the bumper, but played it off like it was nothing... then, there is the "real" story in pictures. All I am gonna say on here is "DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  14. FlyingWen

    March weight loss challenge

    Ok, I am in on this weight loss challenge! Starting weight: Yeah, like I am going to say.. sorry guys Goal for the Month: -20lbs Overall goal: 130lbs Weight loss to date: 11.5 Llbs Biggest Challenge, Fitness: Getting out there. Biggest Challenge, Diet: no sugar or carbs. Plan of Attack...
  15. FlyingWen

    Four Peaks Pickup 09

    Great pictures everyone ans thanks for sharing. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for donating their sweat and Saturday to clean 20 TONS of trash. :wings::wings: Every single one of you ROCK!
  16. FlyingWen

    Four Peaks Pickup 09

    oooh... Look who was on Channel 3!
  17. FlyingWen

    Four Peaks Pickup 09

    Clean-Up Stickers Hey everyone! I am sure that you have heard mention of it somewhere, but not only is the 4 Peaks Clean-Up good for the environment, but all proceeds donated to the Clean-Up efforts will be divided between 2 charities: Our very own Disabled Explorers, and another non-profit...
  18. FlyingWen

    Four Peaks Pickup 09

    Wil is going to be camping out for sure that night. I am not sure yet about me yet since we have to find a place to dump FlyingBaby for the day. Side Note: Tim will be appearing on Channel 12 AZ Midday tomorrow ( 1-28) and doing an interview on 93.3 KUPD right afterwards, but I am not sure...
  19. FlyingWen

    Four Peaks Pickup 09

    ok boys and girl... We are at T- 18 days and counting until this event! Does everyone have gloves? Does everyone have trash bags? If you would like to donate some dinero to this event, we NEED it and would appreciate it! Donate Here! Hope to see everyone and their neighbors, family members...