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    Roof Top Tent (RTT) Questions

    Welcome. This topic has been covered many times but it's also a personal choice for your own unique situation. Here's some great reading material:
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    Jscherb - love the brainstorming and definitely approve of bringing some land rover ideas over to the jeep world. RE: Canvas & the gladiator. I would like to hear your opinion on "connecting" the soft top over the cab with a "soft topper" style bed cap. Even if it was a simple canvas...
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    Yet Another White Rubicon - JLUR Build

    Nice build, I love the idea of stuffing the air compressor in the dead space!
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    FS: Handle & wheel assy from Nanuk 950 Case

    For sale Handle and wheel assembly removed from a brand new Nanuk 950 waterproof case. I removed the assembly and bolted the case directly to my trailer. Use it for replacement parts or adapt it to something you’d like to be more mobile. The handle is not captive in the slides, it’ll need a...
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    Do Second Hand Ursa Minor's Ever Come Up for Sale?

    This one also popped up recently.
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    $200 5KW Portable Diesel Air Heater

    To the OP... If you download "google translate" to your phone, then select the camera function it will try to translate the words on your controller. You may get a better clue as to what each mean.
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    WTB - 5 gal steel jerry can or cans in good condition

    I bought some years ago from atlantic british, aka Looks like they have a good variety in stock. Great quality mine are coming up due for new seals. No affiliation.
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    Jeep Trailer tow camp and tow 2 Adventure Motorcycles

    Cargo trailer all the way - bikes and gear are weather protected on the highway, and when you get there and unload, you have a good spot out of the weather. Mount an awning on the side of the trailer, park bikes under awning and they should stay dry too. Bonus- cargo trailer is great storage...
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    Trailer and RTT or an enclosed camper?

    We lived with a RTT on top of a wrangler for a few years before we opted to have a 5x8 cargo trailer built for us, with a roof rack for a RTT. Our primary considerations with the trailer were: Big enough to sit inside / eat a meal / get changed / etc - our #1 priority was having a small...
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    Whynter Refrigerator/Freezer

    Here's a recent thread
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    Camper suggestions for a baby and a DC Taco

    This is what we did - pack n play with white noise machine inside a cargo trailer + RTT. Park, put baby to sleep, lock trailer. Monitor baby with wireless camera w/temp readout (same as home). Then parents can enjoy a couple hours at camp after baby’s sleeping. Parents sleep in RTT w/dog, baby...
  12. Mass_Mopar

    Whynter 12v Fridge reviews? Alpicool?

    I bought a 45qt Whynter in 2015 from Home Depot of all places (not sure if they still carry them). It's still going strong. Cost was around $400 if I remember correctly. Pics from shakedown testing. Since then, I swapped the handles to some steel ones, it has gathered a lot of stickers and...
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    Question for rooftop tent owners regarding logistics.

    Rhino rack backbone + 2 cross bars
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    High Mileage Pentastar JKs?

    Traded a 2014 (aug 2013 build) JKUR automatic with under 70k. Thing was great, comfy, capable, but engine ticked, 1st radiator replaced at 29k, always smelled like coolant, and had the oil cooler let go in the 40s. All fixed under warranty. Also had a 2015 JKUR, 6 speed, trans rattled a little...
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    Questions for SolidWorks Users and/or Engineering Graduates

    x3. Our lab also had intranet access to shared drives with all of our project files on it, to go with the high horsepower PCs and software licenses. Get her a “good” but not insane MacBook she’ll use for everything else, that way if she loses it or it’s stolen or breaks it’s not a major deal...
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    New JLU Rubicon diesel

    Looks good. From a practical perspective, everyone talks about power, MPG, etc etc, but I want to know, how's the in-cabin heat?
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    Honeymoon - Convince the fiance in 5 days This subject has been fully covered. We expect you to report back with results!
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    Largest RTT that will actually sleep 4

    I’d recommend 2 smaller tents over 1 giant one if you can figure out a way to mount them. I have a tepui kukenam 4 and it’s a beast to setup and tear down, but it’s huge. If you’re all good sleepers you might fit ok, but one roller or loud snorer and it’s over. My older CVT Mt Shasta was much...
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    general thoughts on offroad teardrops? Think I might need a little more room.

    We tow a non-offroad 5x8 cargo/motorcycle trailer with a RTT up top that we use as a base camp. We use it as a kitchen table/living room mostly to get out of the weather or bugs while camping. We could use it as a bedroom also if needed I'd just have to build a bench that converts to a bed...
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    Roof Racks, Awnings, and tents...

    Thanks, and no, no build thread. The 1 liner summary: 5x8 motorcycle trailer, all aluminum built by I built out a simple interior and put a tepui RTT up top. Keeping on topic, I really don't use our little awning over the entry door, I need to seriously consider a larger one...