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  1. samuelashirley

    Seeking help purchasing / importing an HZJ75 from Australia to the USA

    Hi Everyone, I have decided its time to build something fun, and rare for a North / Central America road trip. Time and life are finally allowing such a thing. I am wanting to import a pre-1995 HZJ75 flatbed from Australia and throw a flatbed rocky mountain four-wheel camper fleet on it. Has...
  2. samuelashirley

    Market for $80k complete truck and camper - mini earthroamer?

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to get some feelers on the 4x4 RV / Camper / Overlander market. The options seem quite limited right now if you are planning to spend between 80 and 150k on an adventure camper. Option 1 - 100k range - 4x4 Sprinter Van by Winnebago or if you have the means to build it...
  3. samuelashirley

    Bilstien 6112 & 5160 on 4th Gen 4runner : Review

    Hey Everyone, Wanted to give some feedback on my recent suspension purchase for those looking around. TL;DR - 6112 and 5160 is an amazing setup. The truck: 2005 4x4 v6 SR5 (no XREAS) 114k miles 265x75x16 BFG K02 What I wanted: Nice highway ride, this is my DD. 2inches of lift over stock...
  4. samuelashirley

    Toyota guy looking at making a switch to a LR

    Hi All, I think I want a Land Rover.. possibly LR3 or Disco II. I love my tacoma, but its just so.. blehh and boring. Some back story - Im 23 I work at Dell in Austinn Texas, and am moving to Colorado in a year or so for the GF (future wife's) job. We love camping, and exploring and when I...