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  1. icedragonmx

    New 2018 Colorado ZR2 - Icedragonmx's Trip Reports

    Just got my new 2018 Colorado ZR2 and had to share! I am new to the midsize forum but have been traveling in the 4x4 areas for quite a while. Last vehicle was a Xterra Pro4x and the plans for this new one include a Vagabond Drifter for a camping set up and I will mount my Keewaydin 15 Packboat...
  2. icedragonmx

    Solar charger for Dewalt 20v 9ah battery system?

    If I had a Goal zero Nomad 28 Plus (28Watt) panel that is used for the iPad and GPS on canoe trips can I rig a ride along charger system for the Dewalt 20V batteries using the following items… Solar Panel – Goal Zero
  3. icedragonmx

    Max sized inverter from a cigarette lighter plug

    Just wanted to check the math on this idea for maxing out the available power from a standard cigarette lighter plug found in my Xterra. If Watt = Amps x Volts and an inverter runs at 90% efficiency then the total required for a 150 watt inverter at 90% would be at 167 watts correct? So...
  4. icedragonmx

    New 2014 Xterra Owner- Icedragonmx's trip reports

    Edit - photobucket fix for chrome users here - Download allows users to see all the photobucket pictures, new imgur pictures starting on page 10... Just a short intro from a new 2014 Nissan...