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  1. washington taco

    Sleeping platform size for a GX470?

    In my GX 460 my drawer box is 64" long with additional leg on the front that kicks up its, 75.5" long and 32" wide at the shoulders. Of course with this drawer/platform the second and third rows are removed. But it gives you and idea on space available...
  2. washington taco

    ExPo's Lexus GX470 Overland Project

    If you haven't heard of Kaon, they build a few items for the 120s. I was surprised they have less for the 120 vs the 150. I ordered and installed the rear door table on my GX460. Shipping and cost was not bad due to exchange...
  3. washington taco

    Lexus GX 460 & 470 owner's thread

    Buy a trailer to haul loads.
  4. washington taco

    Lexus GX 460 & 470 owner's thread

    6 weeks of ownership, started with a low mile 2018 Premium. Waiting on rock sliders, skid plates and Truckvault drawer system
  5. washington taco

    What would you add to New 4 runner?

    Driver modification. Get driver and vehicle recovery training from an I4WDTA certified trainer.
  6. washington taco

    Thinking about a Sequoia

    For a mild trail tour vehicle I like it. Build it out #Sequoia life and live out of it for weeks.
  7. washington taco

    i dont know jack ****. any help much appreciated.

    Toyota's are great trucks! Buy as new as you can afford and low miles. Outfit it minimally. Learn how to drive it and recover it in STOCK form. Find certified trainer in your area, Once you are comfortable with the truck and have had some training you'll be...
  8. washington taco

    Post up your drawer/storage system

    You are correct, and most people don't get past gravel roads either.
  9. washington taco

    Drifta 4WD Storage Drawers??

    Kakadu imports Drifta. I love Drifta products. I don't have a Drifta set up but know Luke and when he stayed at our place a few years back got to see the product in use first hand! I do however use many Drifta canvas products.
  10. washington taco

    Patio's GX470 Build

    Will you be posting your GX build? Or at least a link?
  11. washington taco

    Looking for canvas zipper-top bags

    Bet the 40 year old cotton canvas Navy bag was made in the USA. No money to burn here, that is why I buy quality. Buy one time for a lifetime.
  12. washington taco

    Looking for canvas zipper-top bags

    Cheap crap made in China. My ATC, BROG, Drifta, and Red Ox bags will last a life time and will be passed down to my daughter.
  13. washington taco

    Looking for canvas zipper-top bags

    ATC and BROG make fantastic gear and I own both. But don't hesitate to purchase Drifta. They make fantastic gear as well. I ordered some drawer bags two weeks ago and they arrived today. I've also bought the Drifta Oz tent bag, awesome bag way better than the factory Oz tent bags.
  14. washington taco

    1st Northwest Trail Innovations 100 bumper

    Nice design, you can actually see the winch line spool on!
  15. washington taco

    EarthCruiser GZL400 - Ford F150

    Best looking pop up on the market!
  16. washington taco

    I think I found my Overland Rig.... Help me out here

    Look in AZ! My daughter and I just returned with hers. One owner 1998 with 270,000 on it. Loaded and has the rear diff lock. Clean as a whistle!
  17. washington taco

    4Runner 2.7 clutch replacement

    I have used both! I replaced the factory clutch with a factory clutch @ 250,000 mile. That being said I just replaced the transmission with a Marlin rebuilt trany and used his clutch kit this time. So far so good. Either one is good. I am currently @ 360000 miles. When I removed the factory...
  18. washington taco

    2004 Tundra Adventure Cab - Build/Adventure Thread

    Nice build! I enjoyed your thread! Would love to find one of theses with low miles and well cared for!