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  1. MOAK

    Latest Photo?

    Here’s my pair
  2. MOAK

    Overland Vehicle Choices?

    Keep the 470, it’s just now broke in. I’ve 320,000 miles on my 450. It is a semi-daily driver, ( I’m retired ) and we take it on 10,000 mile tours every year, along with a lot of short trips closer to home. We’ve dumped a pile of money into it over the last three years. ( top end, front and...
  3. MOAK

    FJ80 wheel and slider recommendation

    I agree with all the above. Whatever you do stick with 16” wheels. It’s always better to have more rubber on your sidewalls than less. I like the “stock” look so I have kept the original 450 wheels. I have all first generation Slee Short Bus front bumper, rear bumper and sliders, and the OME...
  4. MOAK

    Dual Battery Gremlins

    A lot of folks don’t care to wire it all up the old fashioned way but that’s exactly how I do it. I use a Blue Sea manual switch. The only failure point would be me, forgetting to switch it on or off. Years ago I was in -35f up outside of Halifax. The company truck I was in had 6 house...
  5. MOAK

    Solar wiring

    Forgive me, I hope I’m not asking a question with an obvious answer. I searched and could only find answers about everything but this: I’m using a Renogy PWM 30 amp controller; two panels, one mounted on the racks and one portable totaling 220 watts. I have a #6 Hotwire from the house battery...
  6. MOAK


    I’ve researched quite a bit over the years and cannot find how many LX450s are still registered in the USA. It’s pretty common knowledge that only 14,000 were imported. Does anyone have a clue? Thanks !
  7. MOAK

    Am I nuts?

    True, i spent over 17 years going to Quebec every week. Sometimes twice a week. Over the years I learned enough quebecois to be polite and pick up on the topics of conversations.
  8. MOAK

    Am I nuts?

    Bought it and all the service records 7 years and 110 thousand miles ago. I figure it’ll have 350k miles on it when we head north as we do tour the western US every year. New seats for the 450 and beefing up our trailer frame is in order before Alaska.
  9. MOAK

    Chevy Colorado / Technical Ability

    Well, I made the decision to not go into the needles. My BIL is very inexperienced so, instead of getting him in over his head, we’re gonna reserve a few sights on the WRT, then head over to Rafael Swell for a couple of days of touring.
  10. MOAK

    Am I nuts?

    Hmmm, then it seems my hunch is spot on, I would be nuts to spend any more time considering my nutty thoughts. I thought so.
  11. MOAK

    Am I nuts?

    My 80series/LX450 has 318,000 miles on the odometer. I’m running 285s so add another 6% to half that number. Maintenance? I’m definitely anal retentive about that. The valve stem seals replaced at 289,000. The valve train was all good and well within spec. Compression is great. When I change...
  12. MOAK

    Chevy Colorado / Technical Ability

    That’s exactly what I’m asking- when I look underneath the Chevy I see a lot of stuff, ( shock mounts,etc,) that I’m just not used to seeing down so low. There is a world of difference between a 4x4 vehicle designed as a high clearance 4x4 and a pickup truck that happens to have 4x4 added into...
  13. MOAK

    Chevy Colorado / Technical Ability

    Look, I have only sliders on my 80 series. No other “armor” or skid plates have ever been necessary other than the little factory plate protecting the transfer case. It is what it is. The reason I ask the question is because the Chevy sits a lot lower, and has a few things that protrude lower...
  14. MOAK

    Chevy Colorado / Technical Ability

    Hello all, My brother-in-law is delving into our hobby head first and went out and bought a Chevy Colorado 4x4 diesel. On my recommendation he has added sliders and raised the nose of the truck 1.5”. This fall he will be heading west with us. 2 years ago my son-in-law traversed Elephant Hill...
  15. MOAK

    97 FZJ80 build

    Where are you in NY? CMCC is coming up in July- you in?
  16. MOAK

    Metal Vs. ceramic brake pads

    Let me clarify, I know nothing of the new metallic pads. I do know I’ve been using ceramic pads for multiple decades on a variety of vehicles. My 80 series has top of the line pads from, of all places, Auto Zone. They are guaranteed for life and I’m on my second free set. Ceramic pads have...
  17. MOAK

    Thoughts on the ORIS Skottle?

    Way too many people. I like your line though, “just toss it in the teardrop”. LOL
  18. MOAK


    I didn’t know they were bought out. I have a Tiger Shark 9.5 that I picked up years ago that continues to operate without flaws.
  19. MOAK

    Gazelle Tent or Kodiak Canvas?

    You’ve considered an Oz but It is, and they are too long for packing efficiently. Have you considered OZ’s Jet tent 25x? It packs down to 48”. We have been using one for base camping for over 4 years. A tension spring broke and OZ sent me two of the immediately.
  20. MOAK

    Thoughts on the ORIS Skottle?

    The first time I saw one of the “skottles” in use my first thought was, how the heck would you pack that thing in. All of our gear is either rectangular hard cases or soft cases. No way that would pack in properly, we’d have to change our entire packing strategy/tetras game.. no thanks, we’re...