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  1. Nullifier

    1996 Tacoma project

    Well time has come. I have owned this truck for along time and did an extensive build. I took it apart years ago and have just never been able to prioritize the time to get back to complete it. Truck is currently disassembled. It will come as a project but will be an awesome rig for someone with...
  2. Nullifier

    Wtb Howling Moon XT Trailer Tent

    I am located in Tampa, FL area but would be willing to ship or pick up on my way out west in 4 weeks.
  3. Nullifier

    1997 Land Cruiser......Sold

    Ok so I am selling my Land Cruiser. I always am as honest as I can about the vehicles I am buying and selling. I will disclose any and everything I know about them because that is how I want people to be with me. So having said that, here is the info on this truck. I am the second owner. I...
  4. Nullifier

    Thule raingutter towers

    1 pr of rain gutter towers in good condition. $25 located in Tampa, Fl
  5. Nullifier

    80 series coils

    I have a new pair of autocraft rear 50mm heavy coils. They fit 91 to 97 land cruisers. I ordered them and decided on 75mm springs instead. These were unboxed for the pics. $200. Located in Tampa Fl
  6. Nullifier

    80 series coils

    I have a new pair of autocraft rear 50mm heavy coils. They fit 91 to 97 land cruisers. I ordered them and decided on 75mm springs instead. These were unboxed for the pics. $200. Located in Tampa Fl
  7. Nullifier

    Jet Tent F25X

    We bought this tent summer 2017 to upgrade from our 11 yr old RV4. It has been stored in our house due to having to cancel both trips we bought it for. We did set it up for the first time 2 months ago before this summers trip. It lived in our cargo trailer on the trip since we changed plans on...
  8. Nullifier

    kids sleeping

    So I am at a loss I have dug and dug but I see no youth sleeping bags that have a pad sleeve built in. Most people do not want to spend $ on kids gear but I am the opposite. I know that the level of my happiness is directly related to their happiness. As an adult I can suck things up better and...
  9. Nullifier

    OME springs

    I have a pr of used 80 series OME coils they are 851 coils for the front. Came off a fl truck that upgraded to heavy springs. Need a good bath but no major coating loss or rust. In original box. Willing to ship from 33547 on your dime. $100
  10. Nullifier

    Jet tent f25x vs oztent rv4 with tag a long

    So looking for feedback on each setup. I currently have been running an rv4 since 2007 and love it. However with our 2 little guys growing it is cramped inside since my wife and I each sleep on a cot. We are wanting more space for comfort and versatility. I have noticed several f25x tents for...
  11. Nullifier

    outback drawer depth and Drifta

    Anyone know what the internal dimensions are of the outback roller drawer. everything I have seen says 5" tall but that is overall hieght not the hieght inside the drawer. trying to decide what to out in the back of my 80 series that will support a 60 engel on top. Also did Drifta ever got set...
  12. Nullifier

    nrs riverwing shelter

    I bought this several years back and used it on one canoe camping trip. it worked great but somehow got miss placed in my crazy collection of gear. I have been reorganizing my new garage and it popped up lol. Anyway overall good shape has some discoloration on the bag and an area of the tarp...
  13. Nullifier

    1993 Land Cruiser with lockers

    Up for sale is my good friend Chris Cole's Land Cruiser. I am listing it for him because he is not really into all the internet stuff. I will have his contact info listed for you to contact him directly. 1993 Toyota Land cruiser first year of the 1FZ, last year of the bus tranny, and yes it has...
  14. Nullifier

    Cooper atp

    I have a chance to swap my 275 70 16 michelin ltx tires for some 285 75 16 coper atp tires. Equal condition straight swap. Anyone run these how do they stack up against say a nitto terra grappler.
  15. Nullifier

    An unexpected journey Idaho and back.

    So a few weeks ago in the midst of moving, starting a new job and trying to build a new shop space my 02 suburban decided to up and die. After 240k miles of great reliable service I can't complain. The past 2 weeks I drove rentals. The first one was wiped out by a kids drivi,g behind me not...
  16. Nullifier

    Finally al L.C. owner

    So I finally broke down and pulled the trigger on my second Toyota a 1997 FZJ80. This one is a 1 owner with 100,000 miles. Super clean garage kept. This is one of the cleanest I have seen and once it came up I jumped on it. I will be Flying from Tampa out to Idaho Falls to drive it back on...
  17. Nullifier

    norcold fridge issue

    So I picked up a used mrft-60 about 6 years ago. It has been purring like a kitten for me all this time and I love it. However last week I used it on the back deck of my house for a party and after I plugged it in it shut down a few hours later. It will not turn on while plugged into the house...
  18. Nullifier

    WTB Unicorn

    Looking for a clean low mileage 4runner 96-02. 5speed manual is a must. I prefer 2.7 but am open to 3.4. Thanks for helping me search
  19. Nullifier

    10yr anniversary in Costa Rica

    Well my wife I have our 10th anniversary this month and booked a trip to Costa Rica. We got into Liberia and picked up our Rav4 from budget. Finally got into Playa Del Coco about 10:30 last night. We will say so far that Playa del coco is not our scene and hope that the rest of the country...
  20. Nullifier

    New CCW

    Well my search for the right edc weapon is over...... I think. I started to down size the G26 to a sig p938. So far the gun has been back to Sig 3 times so with the poor reliability I just can't carry it. I then went to the M&P shield 9mm. There is a lot to like about this gun especially for...