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  1. silvElise

    4High with locked differentials?

    Bravo normally for more G-technical info these two forums are a great source: One thread has been started here on this issue with not much info yet, but maybe...
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    AT Combo Slide and AT Stove and windshield SOLD

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    Mercdes G-class 2005, G270 CDI. Need some advice/help? Building.

    I am glad Johnny took the time to answer this legitimately... Because buying a G and spending lots of money for a portal conversion kitso now you can have a jeep and you look badass is a confusing route for me :)
  4. silvElise

    Bareley Used 2014 BMW G650GS

    nice only 5900 for a gravity defying motorcycle! In all seriousness good luck with the sale
  5. silvElise

    Random dog shots

    crappy phone pic but this dog loves road trips more than us!
  6. silvElise

    Alpine Mojoe Smash Burgers!

    looks like a smashing good, delicious time!!
  7. silvElise

    Triple Aught Design?

    So ended up checking out the sale, by the time I got there most of the good sales items were gone. I did really like the stealth LT jacket and was hoping it would be on sale... no dice and not one in my size. Some how ended up in hayes valley later in the day and they did have the jacket... One...
  8. silvElise

    Triple Aught Design?

    On a side note they are having an in-store sale this weekend, thinking of taking the long mile walk to check it out!
  9. silvElise

    Best Offroad GPS unit

    Looks like the correct newer model.. Mainly looks like they added un-needed fluff :) The Garmin with SD/USB input is key. Out side of that I use bluetooth to use my phone for music (spotify), handless calling, and gives me a notification if I get a message.
  10. silvElise

    in need of a new camp axe or hatchet

    I had a home depot eastwing that served me well for a good time, but then broke.. Decided to invest more on my next run and can not praise this hatchet/axe enough! if on the other side of the pond...
  11. silvElise

    Best Offroad GPS unit

    I agree this is a pretty loaded question. It totally depends on use case and application. I have done many different solutions depending on auto/motorcycle and use case. I can comment on my current solution trying to cut down on "tech". I was tired of to many devices and decided to get this...
  12. silvElise

    Frame mounted rock sliders

    You already posted this on p3 which is a better forum for this stuff. I am personally very happy (like many others) with Karl's sliders. I have come down hard a few times with no damage to the sliders or the body. So before you say "there is a lot wrong with them" you may want to have more...
  13. silvElise

    FC150 for sale in Auburn, CA $8500

    Umm wrong link or spam?
  14. silvElise

    Tenkara and Tenkara Rod Co.

    I have been using tenkaras for a few years now... I found them when looking for something compact when I was visiting family in the Sierras (also backpack up there often). I am a huge fan whole kit is less then a lb and half and perfect for getting trout in all the small streams in that area :)
  15. silvElise

    WTB: 80s G-WAGON

    x2 it is an amazing resource and great group of G owners
  16. silvElise

    campsite pics..lets see um

    Thanks Nwoods!
  17. silvElise

    campsite pics..lets see um

    In the Mojave :)
  18. silvElise

    Am i reading this correctly? 2016 taco still has rear drum brakes...

    I live in the bay area and have heated seats... Very grateful to have them for those winter Tahoe trips :) I guess all the other cold places I overland too, they help as well ;)
  19. silvElise

    2005 G500 build by MG Metalworks

    Sorry MG if this is thread jacking! mk216v looked on both and no dice, plus looked on that site but its marked as 2011+ I have been playing phone tag with CBI the last few days but if MG did come up with something and price was in reason I would be down :)
  20. silvElise

    2005 G500 build by MG Metalworks

    First time hearing of it honestly... Also cant seem to find any pictures on google images of it on a g thats not some overly body modified thing that looks like it belongs at sema or the local expensive mall Also only place selling them says its for 2011+, I have a 2005