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  1. Aussie Iron

    Yes or No.

  2. Aussie Iron

    Rear Mounted Winch.

    So as not to interfere with the other thread I'll post here with my rear mounted winch. The winch is fitted above the chassis rails facing forward, the next time I would lower it in between the rails. The way it is fitted I can pull a loop of the drum and double line out the rear using a pulley...
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    Canter Regearing.

    I said it was being worked on and we are now in production of a new set of gears for the transfer case of our Canter. Hopefully the first ones will be ready by mid May and we will be fitting them to Candy's and My Canter for testing. We have another trip coming up which will be a good test for...
  4. Aussie Iron

    Speedo Correction

    The Right Gear. Finally I have been able to come up with the right gear to correct our speedos. With fitting super singles (315/75x16) the diameter puts the speedo out. When we were at 100kph on the GPS the speedo would be reading only 97kph, so not good as you would be going to fast if you...
  5. Aussie Iron

    New Project :- TURBO Time.

    With one project coming to an end ( ) parts for the new one are arriving. It's time to put a turbo on mine. Custom exhaust manifold. Well it will be. Turbo :- Kinugawa Turbocharger 3" Non Anti Surge TD06SL2-20G w/...
  6. Aussie Iron

    THE TRIP - Cape York 2015

    My sister (Candy) arrived Friday night. We spent Saturday morning building a boat rack for her Canter so we could take a second tinny along. This would be picked up at my brothers place in Townsville. Leaving Gladstone Saturday afternoon we spent the night at Mackay , traveled on to Townsville...
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    Cape York 2015

    Well the year is well on it's way and it is time to start looking at getting things a lined up in row for our run to the Tip. I know it is still some months away but some things take time. Vehicle mods to be done, camping gear to check. After our last trip report some of you expressed an...
  8. Aussie Iron

    FG 637 Turbo and non-Turbo.

    I'll link this thread as a starter to this comparison.( Well a bit of a comparison.) My sister recently bought herself a Canter, it's a 2002 Fg 637. Same model as mine but 2 years later so I...
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    Our Trip back to the Tip of Cape York.

    I hope to give an account of our trip back up to the Tip of Cape York including some of the video that we recorded. All up we covered 5337 Klm. used 1028.16 litres of fuel ranching in price from $1.54 to 2.55 / litre giving fuel burn of 19.26 litres/100 k. A little better than last year but...
  10. Aussie Iron

    Back to the Tip of Cape York

    30/7/2013. Well finally we have a date for our trip up to the Cape again. At this stage it is 2 vehicles a Mitsubishi Challenger (my brother) and my Canter. I'll put an invite out to anyone that is wanting to go and is interested in joining us you are welcome. If you feel that your vehicle is...
  11. Aussie Iron

    We 'Canter'ed to the tip.

    We went for a trip to the tip of Cape York up along the "Old Telegraph Track" in my Canter. But first I better show how it was set up and some of what we changed. It started life as a work vehicle. --------------- Needed some super single wheels. Alan was able to supply some nice lite...
  12. Aussie Iron

    Changing length on an FG649.

    What would be involved in shortening a MWB to SWB . I know move the rear hangers,Shorten tail shaft, break lines etc. But what about compliance in Qld. Has anybody done it? Can I do it myself legally, I'm more than capable to handle the job other than the tail shaft.Anybody know of reading...