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  1. wanderer-rrorc

    Wandering handymen Cheap camp/work trailer build

    I should not be allowed to get bored.. I needed a smaller trailer to work from. My 14x7 is too big to get in most residential driveways and work. So..$150..$40 in paint and lights..looked better all black...did some work her first day..then decided after seeing another build to give it a...
  2. wanderer-rrorc

    YOLANDA...My Turbine Princess build 03 7.3 E350 pop top 4x4

    Back in 2007 I purchased my first E250 6.9 diesel Ford van and fell in love with her. After my family grew we realized that she wasn't going to be big enough to camp in. so I sold her and sent her out west, bought a tundra and a slide in camper. Many years later when I left my job decided...
  3. wanderer-rrorc

    My Flip-pack Habitat-ish Truck topper $2500

    Thats Right... Time to build my Sportsmobile.... FOR SALE!! $2500 Nemo tent design and flip pack (habitat) truck bed camper. Ram 6'4 bed. All lights and strobes included. Aux triple 12 volt socket and camping rear facing lights include. Sun awning poles and fabric also
  4. wanderer-rrorc

    2 story Flop Top Glamping

    After seeing an ARB awning with tent room I had to have one...and my wife needed to bribe me for yet another pet mini pig... 2500x2500 ARB with room I got the awning installed last night (very straight forward since I got lucky and the local tractor supply had PERFECT brackets!!) I couldn't...
  5. wanderer-rrorc

    Work trailer 200watt panels and 100ah battery as portable power generator

    titles wordy..but Im thinking this.. the 14ft enclosed trailer is for work/play. I put 12volt led lighting all around for site work (and maneuvering trailer in the dark). 12 volt strip lights inside for both camping and being able to work inside when its poor lighting. I ordered a renogy...
  6. wanderer-rrorc

    Garden of the gods Illinois

    After getting the flip-bac build mostly done I took the wife and pup (and not our 5 kiddos!!) to Shawnee National forest and Garden of the gods, Cave in rock, Rim trail, Rock face (hike sucked and no freaking signs at all!! its at the end of Rockface lane) and our most favorite place to hike was...
  7. wanderer-rrorc

    flip-back build

    After deciding we wanted to camp more..and missing my old van...but having had a slide in for a truck...and having a new truck..a new truck thats my daily work truck for my handyman buisness... a flip pac was figured to be PERFECT!! untill I saw the price first off...(seriously...
  8. wanderer-rrorc

    Why no backward flip pac?

    So the new wife and I have discovered that we both have a hidden love..Camping.. With many years of many builds..and being a master tradesman and welder Ive been shocked at the cost of flippac's and the build quality.. HOWEVER the biggest shock is that folks are missing out on a 5x8 awning...
  9. wanderer-rrorc

    $500 camp trailer!

    pimpin for a buddy.. " DESCRIPTION: It's a trailer to store and haul all your camping gear. Maybe a quad if you took the lid and back off. It's the same width as a Jeep. The tongue is just the right length that you can jacknife...
  10. wanderer-rrorc

    fridge in a toolbox?

    with the purchase of the new tundra and the selling of the van...I would LOVE to keep my edgestar fridge/freezer with me all the time (as acustomed to in the van..cold pop all the time is nice!).. but theres no room in the doublecab if I want to take all 3 kids (cant really just leave one at...
  11. wanderer-rrorc

    SCORE! Skamper 8ft pop-top for $200! read that right!!...$200!! craigslist add without a picture and 1 1/2hr away...talked to the owner and seemed like it MIGHT be what we're lookin for..(at 10% the cost we wanted to pay!) it sat the last 5 years..the owners sister used it last and didnt put the top down square and it...
  12. wanderer-rrorc

    ford van camper turbodiesel/biodiesel

    1985 E250 Clubwagon 6.9 Turbodiesel van. we've decided to slim down the paddock of vehicles..the 09 unlimited wrangler didnt hardly ever get driven..and even with TONS of room it just didnt have enough for all our gear and the twins/oldest's stuff too... so...its the vans turn...replaced over...
  13. wanderer-rrorc

    SPORTSMOBILE TOP found in junkyard!! someone get it! from LOGOM on pirate...just pimpin info.. "I finally found a sportsmobile type pop top tent at a pick n pull in union city CA. Unfortunately for me I don't have the time or space to deal with it right now so I am passing this dream find...
  14. wanderer-rrorc

    some pop top finds!

    not affiliated at all with these...just wish I could find one close and within my pittiful budget (paid bills..and broke..but bills paid!!) $75 top..guy has 2..kansas city looks like a brand new top with canvas in PA...
  15. wanderer-rrorc

    diesel ford van craigslist!!

    somebody buy her...its too far from me...but its clean!!
  16. wanderer-rrorc

    ebay solar panels?

    is it safe to buy some of the bigger panels from ebay?? Im not sure if they can handle the vibrations of being on a vehicle... what makes a good RV solar panel?
  17. wanderer-rrorc

    unbreakable family rules / ;essons

    the other thread got me on a rant... we have several "unbreakable rules" at our house...some are instant action stuff..(not punishment but the kiddo's are to understand WHY they are important and must always be followed!!) who else has similar types of rules/lessons? please share them incase...
  18. wanderer-rrorc

    5 dangerous things all kids should do!! I totaly agree with this guys viewpoint....I think the "wussification" of our children is getting out of control... every year our daycare looses more and more fun toys and forced to buy things that will keep the clumsy...
  19. wanderer-rrorc

    quigly 4x4 van $1000 (autotrader)

    not affiliation what so ever..other than I would buy it if I had any dang money!!
  20. wanderer-rrorc

    gauncho? side facing bed/sofa?

    anybody build one??? sorry I've not posted any updates...there hasnt been much done in the garage other than gather some parts..and alot of dust...(we've gotten SLAMMED with snow the last few weeks...) oh...and a 9K winch WILL pull a 2wd diesel van out of 2ft deep snow..and also pull a 4dr...