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    In search for a 4x4 truck with true 4 season camper, Canada, BC.

    If you find one let me know :) haha. I will buy it too! Honestly, the best I have seen going is the 2017 Northern Lite's leftovers from canadream. They sell for around $33-35k. Yes, that doesn't include a truck. Decent 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks are so hard to find right now. They are in huge...
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    1998 AM General H1 - 1 of 3 DEA Special Ops Unit - Asking Price - $124,995

    Wow US tax payer dollars hard at work. I guess this thing was used for border raids? Crazy!
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    ******SOLD******For Sale: Black Series Patron

    LOL no one believes this for one minute. You must have really been ticked off by the people on this forum to try and make up this story. Yes, high demand! I am getting calls from all over the US. My phone is ringing of the hook!! Everyone wants to give me $5k!
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    2012 Pangea GCV

    On a new F450 regular cab it wouldn't be bad. But with those oil leaf springs, ugh... brutal.
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    2017 XP Camper Ford F450

    This is the coolest thing these eyes have ever seen. Anyone know how much I can get for a Kidney on the black market? Sigh.
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    GXV Adventure Truck; how many here?
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    GXV Adventure Truck; how many here?

    I've never been a big fan of GXV after that whole lawsuit thing with the customer. I have no doubt that GXV does great work, but I feel like I would much rather buy a used one that I can see and inspect than buy a new one and deal with them. There are used turtles available on the market which...
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    2008 Ford earthroamer f550 xvlt #88

    I can't wait to see some 2013's and 14's come up used a few years down the road. Maybe in 2026 I can afford a 2014. Probably not.
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    Earth Cruiser -DEF

    I would never want a diesel again. The new gas engines coming out are being designed to idle 24/7 without any real damage to them. Look at the new F150 Hybrid which will come with a 7.2kw generator (powered by the engine). It will be able to run all day long and pump out 7.2kw of power and be...
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    Tiger sighting! Little one 😝

    I think this one has been for sale a bunch before. I believe it is on its 4th owner now (so next person will be the 5th owner). I wonder why it changes hands so often? One thought Ive had is that it might be too heavy for the F250 chassis. Maybe the handling on the short wheelbase is not good.
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    New F150 reveal 6/25 8pm Eastern

    Hmm. Is that really something people complain about? I thought the current gen F150 with aluminum body was lighter by about 600#. Plus the 3.5L ecoboost has something like 375hp. I imagine with a chip and premium fuel it would hit, what, 450hp?
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    New F150 reveal 6/25 8pm Eastern

    Oh come on man, the 2015-2020 years are pretty legendary. The aluminum body and ecoboost engines are awesome. I have a 2016 F150 and it is the best truck I've ever owned and I have no intention of upgrading anytime soon. Not sure what anyone else could want, incredible bag for the buck. You can...
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    2019 Overlander F-550 4x4 RV (Earthroamer clone) for $118,000 USD in Canada Very Rugged 4X4 Diesel F550 Chassis Crew Cab Slide out Generator Solar 10,000lb Hitch Full Body Wrap Please Call John Garvey 604-831-4849 tags Four wheel drive Diesel Earthroamer
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    Pass-through really necessary?

    If people are just looking for an emergency entrance into their cab, then cutting a hole in the bottom of the camper bunk and using the vehicles moon roof would more than suffice. Simply have a panel in the camper bottom that lifts up for emergency access. This can be done easily and there are...
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    Pass-through really necessary?

    The real question is, how much extra are you willing to pay for a pass through? 50% more?
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    Whats next at EarthCruiser

    I'll chime in again as I always do and say my one thing... "permanent bed". That's all I have to say.
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    2017 F150 with XPTray truck tray -- Refreshed Ad

    Nice picture. I think this would be an absolutely perfect truck for a FWC. Should sell quickly there is a demand for these types of rigs, and the XP flatbed isnt being made anymore.