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  1. meafordmike

    M101 Trailer

    Figured I would upload some new pictures. Trailer has work great and had a buddy build a lid for it last summer.
  2. meafordmike

    Latest Photo?

    It was a nice day out this past weekend, so I pulled the HDJ81 out of the garage for some sun. Couldn't resist testing both lockers and flexing it out a bit. Shameless. The Cruiser gets parked all winter, so some sun is good for it. Tried the same snowbank with my Tacoma, withouot the...
  3. meafordmike

    2002 GMC 3500 CrewCab Provan Tiger CX 4x4 DIESEL RV

    That price seem to good to be true. But with all the detail in the ad, scams usually have misprints and no info. Good luck with your real sale.
  4. meafordmike

    2002 GMC 3500 CrewCab Provan Tiger CX 4x4 DIESEL RV

    I tried to tell the wife how I needed this, but I have 3 cars and 3 trailers already. She (wife) said no:(. I think its a great deal, but haven't seen it. Wish there were more photos, and some of the inside.
  5. meafordmike

    Camping trip to Campobello Island

    We took this trip last fall, but after seeing the nice Thanksgiving trip post here last week (, I figured it was time to post this old one. We had moved across Canada last summer due to...
  6. meafordmike

    Cuba- Thoughts and impressions.

    Pat Being Canadian I been a few times, and yes very safe. I have only really seen the tourist trap type places, but loved it there. Off topic, but we are thinking of heading to Florida for the holidays. We all loved staying at the Lowkey Hideaway last time, and are thinking of dropping by...
  7. meafordmike

    This might not count. Turkey in the Northwest Territories

    Nice video. I feel guilty for have my family over Thanksgiving. and not out travelling.
  8. meafordmike

    Upper Peninsula Overland - 6th Annual

    Keri-Ann and I really missed the trip again this year. Maybe next year. Living out east is not always fun, but we do live close to Tom now.
  9. meafordmike

    SOLD Home made Iltis trailer.

    I often wish I lived on the left coast, to see the sights out there. I would love to see Utah, and Baja. And lets be honest, most deals for off roading/ overlanding seem to be out there. If either of you guys drive out here, the trailer will be free for you.:ylsmoke:
  10. meafordmike

    SOLD Home made Iltis trailer.

    Bump, new price 300$ picked up, or 450$ delivered across U.S. border in Maine.
  11. meafordmike

    SOLD Home made Iltis trailer.

    SOLD This is not a Iltis trailer( M101), its the back half of an Iltis made into a trailer. This sits on M101 tires and rims and would be great for offroad. I just picked it up today and pulled it home. It has no lights, and got a little wobbly at 80km (50m/hr). I already have a M101 so don't...
  12. meafordmike

    Flippac for sale in NC SOLD SOLD SOLD

    That would look great on UP Overland. It would look great on my White Tacoma! but I use the Cruiser more for trips now, and will look great on your Taco also.
  13. meafordmike

    M101 Trailer

    Completed sanding (CARP) wore a mask. And put a first coat of Rust Paint on it. Going to rain tonight so pushed it next to the Land Cruiser for the night ( i think they will get along great :ymhug: ) Hopefully a coat tomorrow night, because I am going away for a month Thursday :( .
  14. meafordmike

    M101 Trailer

    Not really a build yet. But hey, its going behind the Land Cruiser or Tacoma. Picked up this M101 yesterday, not bad shape with the tailgate already cut out, both hitches 1,7/8 ball and stock Hook and claw and wired for 12V. Guy had the wrong tire on it, so he gave me two spare tires with it...
  15. meafordmike

    80 series guys; question about these buttons (JDM)

    Same truck I have. Ice box works great, which is funny because my A/C dosn't work.
  16. meafordmike

    My new 1990 HDJ81, Turbo Diesel

    Sorry havn't been on Expedition Portal in awhile. The 80 / 81 is going nicely. I just moved to Lincoln (Fredricton) this summer. But I was reading about you when you lived out here. Just finished fixing the Transmission (kick down cable), and am working on the Coolant/ no heat in Canada issue...
  17. meafordmike

    Upper Peninsula Overland Challenge 2012

    Looks like great fun. Keri-Ann and I were sad to miss the trip this year. Hope to see you all and the UP next summer.
  18. meafordmike

    Escape Gear Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series Seat Covers Clearance

    Very tempting, since I have a RHD HDJ81, should fit like a glove for me!
  19. meafordmike


    Nice video, i hope to get better with my t2i
  20. meafordmike

    Sleeping platforms?

    I have one I built for my Taco, then just made fit in my 80. works great and cheap. I will look to find some pictures, and I do have a thread somewhere how to build for Taco.