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  1. DCH109

    GAP IIDTool BT BG3

    I have a IIDTool BT (BG3) for sale. Used it once on my LR3. I bought it July this year from Lucky8. Paid $512 for it. I will take $350 shipped in the lower 48. You will need to transfer ownership hence why the lower price. I do not have the box any more, and I will include the cable to connect...
  2. DCH109

    and its Bullet Proof

    I like this feature The vehicle's electrified, anti-grab door handles stun any unwanted visitors.
  3. DCH109

    LR3 upgrades options what to do

    I need to get a spare PCV. I have one now, but it is going on the LR3 soon as I do not know the last time it was changed. I will probably carry something like that in the cargo storage bins. The #2 battery I have been thinking about alot. However I am still up in the air. I have the battery...
  4. DCH109

    Building a Micro-Split AC System

    Oh I will have the space as I am building this from scratch and will incorporate AC into it. It is hot on the east coast in the summer. Currently 98* feels like 105*. I will check it out thanks for the link!
  5. DCH109

    Building a Micro-Split AC System

    While I thought you were a madman, now I am wondering. After looking at small systems out there most are $$$, mounted to the roof (not ideal for clearance) or not great quality. I happen to have a spare unit I bought and never used, I may have to copy you here as this would be perfect for my...
  6. DCH109

    Camp Tables - What are you using?
  7. DCH109

    Popup top on a trailer

    Take a older popup camper that someone is basically trashing and keep the mechanicals to build mine. It is an options for sure, thanks! I was looking at just that, how to widen the fender wells. I will say these trailers are build to withstand some major abuse. It looks relatively easy, I need...
  8. DCH109

    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    Hi Robert, Great! I like my table a lot like you mentioned It is solid. I use it as a stove base all the time. It really is a solid table. I also have one of his food/ chuck boxes. Built the same and while heavier, I never have to worry about it getting damaged. Plus it hold everything one...
  9. DCH109

    Popup top on a trailer

    Ok so the title is maybe not what some may think. I am getting the ideas for my M101A2 build. Currently it has a ARE contractors cap with the side openings and single rear door in the middle. The side openings also have sliding windows and I may just seal the sides up and use only the sliding...
  10. DCH109

    GROUP BUY: Kermit Chair Group Buy - Expedition Portal Logo Optional!

    Count me in for at least 2 (probably 3)
  11. DCH109

    Trailer go BOOM BOOM

    WOW! Something you just do not think about. I had one of those 3 way furnaces before and I was seriously thinking about putting one in my new camper, after seeing this I am totally changing that. Glad everyone is Ok and while the truck is damaged and the trailer is gone, you are not. Things...
  12. DCH109

    sold LR3 Trailer hitch/ receiver (long version)

    I have an LR3 trailer hitch for sale. I change to a higher hitch for my military trailer. This comes with 1 key only Looking for sold shipped anywhere in the continental US.
  13. DCH109

    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    You can see by the two pictures. The whole thing is made of galvanized steel. the legs look to be nothing more than conduit that has been bent on a slight angle. Great as you could repair the legs if needed. Short of a vehicle driving over it, the leg will withstand a lot of abuse. You can...
  14. DCH109

    Another DIY truck camper

    Ok to be fair, i have not read through the 4 pages (read about 1/2 way through page 1) yet. I am at work and should be working but it is lunch. THIS is exactly what I have been looking for and will be doing with my kids. I have looked at online DYI plans and at commercial campers for the past...
  15. DCH109

    Washington DC, free pop-up camper top, might fit M101A1 trailer?

    Nice find thanks! I shot the guy a message as I am right down the road from him.
  16. DCH109

    Factor 55 stuff All SOLD!!!

    Sorry that is all I have
  17. DCH109

    LR3 upgrades options what to do

    Nice, Knowing the alt's can go on these that is a good idea to carry a spare. also the water pump. 4 weeks is long for a vehicle which by then should have about 185K on the odometer. Really I am hoping to get at least 250-270K out of the vehicle before I have to decide what to do with it.
  18. DCH109

    LR3 upgrades options what to do

    Oh I agree on the FAS kit, I think I can build my own for a fraction of the price. I am in no rush and while I will try to do some camping in the next few weeks to month (Cranberry region in WV) I am really doing a lot of this for a 4 week trip I am planning in 2021 so I have time. Right now I...
  19. DCH109

    Factor 55 stuff All SOLD!!!

    Someone buy these last 2 please tired of looking at them on the shelf.
  20. DCH109

    LR3 upgrades options what to do

    It is on the list and I was looking at the RSW tool as well. I like good customer service and when asking about a product without a response for days yet I ask a competitor about a product and they reply in minutes (well 12 hours due to the time zone) the decision is made for me. The GAP tool...