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  1. Basil.

    FOR SALE - 7.3L Ford parts

    Hey all, I have some parts left over from my old Ford 7.3L F-250, all parts are brand new, unused. Located in San Diego and am willing to ship. - EDGE Products Accessory System (EAS) - $20 + shipping (LINK) - Driven Diesel 7.3l dipstick repair kit - $200 + shipping (LINK) - Mishimoto 7.3l...
  2. Basil.

    For Sale: Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR2

    Making the switch to Sony and have a Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR2 lens for sale. It's in good shape and works perfectly, no issues. It does show signs of use, but they are just cosmetic. The lens has always had a filter over the front element and there are no scratches on both the front and rear...
  3. Basil.

    Wall-E the 1991 Toyota Hilux

    (More photos coming soon) WALL-E Wall-E is a 1991 Toyota Pickup that had a 2.4l 2L-TE turbo diesel swapped into it, making the truck nearly identical to the Toyota Hilux available outside of North America. After traveling North America for two years in “Bruce” the F-250, I was ready for...
  4. Basil.

    Wanted: Four Wheel Camper Fleet for Panam build!

    Hey all, Looking to pick up a Four Wheel Camper Fleet to stick on the back of my Hilux. I'm looking for something cheaper and not in new condition, let me know what you have! Located in San Diego but am willing to travel for the right one. Photo of the truck it's going on! 1991 Toyota Hilux...
  5. Basil.

    Storage unit clean out, random parts

    Hey All, got some random things for sale out of my storage unit. All items are located in San Diego. - NEW Driven Diesel Dipstick Adapter. $225 picked up or $250 shipped to the lower 48. Link to product...
  6. Basil.

    Ford F-250 7.3L 4x4 + Custom Flatbed Camper - SOLD

    For Sale Well, the time has come, Bruce is for sale. I’ve been traveling out of this truck for the last 2 years and have taken it all around North America. I’m only selling the truck because I’m planning on driving the Pan American Highway in 2020 and want a slightly smaller vehicle for Central...
  7. Basil.

    For Sale: Custom made Fridge/Stove slide $1000

    Hey all, I am selling my custom made fridge/stove slide. This slide was built to fit a Snomaster 66l Fridge (Also for sale LINK) Any fridge that size or smaller should fit fine. It was also made to fit a Parter Steel 22" Stove, with a bit of extra room for stuff. The slide system is made out...
  8. Basil.

    For Sale: Snomaster 66L Dual Zone Expedition Series Fridge $800

    Hey all, I am selling my Snomaster 66L Dual Zone Expedition Series Fridge, i've had it about 9 months now and it has preformed flawlessly and has kept beer very cold on many trips. The only reason i'm selling it is because I sold my FJ Cruiser and switched to a truck with a camper and fridge...
  9. Basil.

    Snomaster EX82D Fridge and custom fridge/stove slide: $2,750

    Hey All, Well seeing that my FJ is not selling I have begun to start parting it out. Next on the list is my Snomaster EX82D fridge and it's custom slide system, the slide was built just for this fridge. The fridge is a dual zone 66L fridge, one of the best fridges money can buy, it's been...
  10. Basil.

    AluCab Expedition III Tent and Shadow Awning - $4,500

    Hey all, I’m selling my AluCab Expedition III Tent and Shadow Awning! Both are in great shape. The Tent has maximum 50 nights in it. I’m only selling because I purchased a new F250 with a custom camper on it, this was the best RTT I’ve ever slept in, super comfortable and sets up/breaks down in...
  11. Basil.

    Basil Lynch's 2000 F250 Expedition camper build

    Hey All! As many of you know the FJ is up for sale, (Linked Here: FJ SALE) Well I thought id share my new build! Last week I picked up my new truck in Santa Cruz! The truck is a 2000 F250 4x4 7.3l Diesel, access cab short bed. The camper was custom built by the previous owner, he is a...
  12. Basil.

    2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser: Fully Built, turn key expedition truck

    Hey All, SOLD!!! Well the time has come, I am selling my 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, I am asking $22,000 OBO. This is a fully built expedition truck, ready to go on your next adventure. I will be uploading more photos tonight. Please click the link below for all the details,
  13. Basil.

    Baja Designs Lights

    Hey all, Got some Lights for sale, they are all in perfect working condition and have been mounted for about a year. I'm only selling due to me switching lighting companies. They do not come with wiring harnesses. I am open to offers. - pair of XL80s combo beam, amber covers included - $650...
  14. Basil.

    315/75/16 Yokohamas and Level 8 Trackers, $1,000 OBO

    Hey all, I need to sell these tires and wheels. The tires are Yokohama Geolandar AT G003's with 20k miles on them, they are in great shape and have not worn weird at all. The wheels are Level 8 trackers in 16x8" with -25mm of offset (About a 1.5" wheel spacer over stock) Wheels are in great...
  15. Basil.

    RTT Electric Fan Vent?

    Hey All! So I recently purchased an Alu-Cab RTT and have been loving it so far, I've spent about 15 nights in it. My previous tent was a James Baroud Grand Raid XXL, and I really miss the solar fan it had in it. Has anyone ever thought of adding a solar fan to a RTT? Ive researched and found...
  16. Basil.

    My new Alu-Cab Expedition 3 Tent and Shadow Awning!

    Hey All, I've noticed theres a lot of interest in the Alu-Cab gear! So here are some photos of my new setup! Just installed it last night. I'll be posting a video on my Instagram tomorrow! Go give me a follow to make sure you don't miss it, @BasilLynch _BAL2509 by Basil Lynch, on Flickr...
  17. Basil.

    Baja Designs ONX 51" Conbo Beam

    Hey all! Selling my Baja Designs combo beam 51" ONX light bar, it is in great condition, just freshly rebuilt by Baja Designs and comes with a black cover for the light. It comes with a pair of Trailworx A-Pillar light bar mounts, these were custom made to fit the straight 51" light on a...
  18. Basil.

    National Luna Battery Monitor issue

    Hey all! I installed a National Luna battery monitor a few days ago and I'm having a slight issue with it. It beeps at me, it's not the overcharge or discharge warning, it's just a slight single beep. I've tried to turn the alarms off and see if that helps, but when it beeps it turns the...
  19. Basil.

    James Baroud Grand Raid XXL in Grey, asking $3500.

    Hey all! SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! I'm selling my James Baroud Grand Raid roof top tent, It is in great shape. The outside has a few small scratches, mainly from mounting it on the truck, but nothing thats going to affect the tent. The interior is also in great shape, fan works well and the LED light...
  20. Basil.

    Want to buy: Large Fridge Slide

    Hey all! I need to buy a large fridge slide, the dementions of the fridge are as follows, 32.4803 x 18.5039 x 21.0163" located in San Diego, and am willing to pay shipping. Im also driving from SD to SW colorado at the end of this month and could pick up.