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  1. Cheyneskeezer

    Goal zero plugged into hook up sites

    We often camp coastal California where there are hook up sites available. I’d like to install a ac receptical on my ford transit to plug into the hookup. My question is on the interior side can I just run this to my goal zero and use it as a inverter? I only ever use it as a stand alone power...
  2. Cheyneskeezer

    travois. ca business and dealing with?

    got in contact with a gentleman by the name of Brad up in vancouver who represents Travois seats in canada. looking to get a neptune seat and he seems to be the guy to go through. just curious if anyone had any dealings with him or them and are they trustworthy. paying up front always is a bit...
  3. Cheyneskeezer

    How does everyone finance a used adventure van

    Looking to buy a 49k 2018 transit that’s mildly uplifted vin Numberis tied to a cargo van I can’t find one bank that will do a used auto loan. No cargo vans. I’m putting half down can’t get a loan for 30k from anyone I guess unless you do be loan and the rates 7-8 percent
  4. Cheyneskeezer

    hopefully a non biased opinion Transit vs sprinter

    been searching hard for a weekend camp capable van for me my wife and 2 year old goin on three for months. Id find a van i liked and fit the bill and it would slip through my fingers. Im down between the 2108 transit 250 medium roof with the 3.7 or a sprinter 4x4 2017 6cy i have 2 vans i keep...
  5. Cheyneskeezer

    Flip pac fullsize 6.5ft camper so cal

    Selling my truck and shell 3900 with new rain fly and awning this add is for the camper Good condition full-size 6.5 ft flip pac Selling truck and camper in another ad together Comes with Smith awning and new SLO sail custom rain fly paid 495 Good condition few screens have holes in them...
  6. Cheyneskeezer

    2009 Silverado camper has been sold truck only

    2009 Silveradosale 8250 camper has been sold truck only 4.8l v8, 156k new tranny at 109k didn’t need after I realized it was the tranny control module after a year of trouble shooting always maintained 3500 mile oil changes methods, fox 2.0 Coilovers with rear smoothies , carpet kit, slosail...
  7. Cheyneskeezer

    Sprinter vans best way to buy?

    Me my wife and 2 year old boy have enjoyed my truck of 10 years and plan on to keep using it and the flip pac as we nest some money for a new vehicle. No debt besides a affordable house payment in so cal. It seems my search for a 4x4 2016 and up sprinter crew van not outfitted is very...
  8. Cheyneskeezer

    Carpet kits

    Anyone still use these for flip pac or similar builds ? I’ve found a lot on Craigslist for 200-300 plan to use only one side to hide battery and store some stuff and as a seat.... seems reasonable and ok versus goose gear or arb... until money permits and I get a new truck
  9. Cheyneskeezer

    Flip pac full size 6.5ft bed

    off market
  10. Cheyneskeezer

    Arb awning for 6.5 flip pac

    Looking to purchase a arb awning for my 6.5ft flip pac . I’m assuming the 2000x2500 will work but really can’t find any real use photos of them installed. Anyone running a arb awning on their flip pac that could maybe chime in?
  11. Cheyneskeezer

    New flip pac build power questions

    I have a 2009 Silverado with a flip pac I just snagged. While at my parents house for Xmas my dad gave me a 400w inverter a manual battery isolator switch and a solar panel forget the size. I’d like to set up a secOnd battery in my engine bay that charges off the alternator and also the panel...
  12. Cheyneskeezer

    Picked up older 6.5’ flip pac

    Just picked up this flip pac local for my Chevy camped out of my leer hard shell for years. Overall good condition a older one. The screens seemed great until my 2 year old was bouncin around and put his hand thru two of them. Anyone have any luck repairing them or getting them repaired?