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  1. armygreen

    Another one hosed by sierra 4x4 trailers and its owner chris

    2014 I know there are a few posts out there about sierra 4x4 but this info should be out there for anyone considering doing business with them. They have not fixed any of their issues from the past. They are the same old sierra 4x4 that people have been getting ripped off by for years...
  2. armygreen

    ArmyGreens M416

    Done! O.K. O.K. at least for now. [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG] I started out with a m416 in pretty good shape. I want to make it into a capable camping and offroad trailer. Here is what it looked like from the start. Picked it up for $450 with the Pintle Hitch. Had to drive 6 hours each way...
  3. armygreen

    m416 new axle size?

    I am getting ready to throw a new axle under the m416 so I can run the same wheel/tire combo as the Toyota. I was wondering what size others have used when swapping out to new axle? I am wanting to run Toyota lug pattern and wanted to run 265/70/17 tires. I was looking at 57" hub face to hub...