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  1. Superduty

    Experienced Scepter Fuel Cans MFC for sale

    The title says "Experienced" Scepter fuel cans. Are those any different than the regular MFCs I have seen for years? Or is experienced another way of saying they are used.
  2. Superduty

    Autohome Columbus Variant w/ 100-watt Solar Panel

    So cash in $20 bills won't do it? Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  3. Superduty

    Rimrocker/White Rim and Top of the World

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Is the trail overall easy? The type that any high clearance could do? Assuming no rain.
  4. Superduty

    Group Buy on safari chairs

    Overlanding with the rich and famous. Those chairs are very nice. A whole set of those with a matching table would look great on a patio.
  5. Superduty

    Ram 5500 Fire Crew Carrier Overlanding Camper Build

    Time for a suspension lift.
  6. Superduty

    portable ARB Twin Compressor - Help

    I am unclear if in your current configuration the engine is running and alternator is charging the battery while you run the ARB. Have you tried hooking it up to a battery in a vehicle that is actually running?
  7. Superduty

    Is there an "ultimate" tablet for Gaia/GPS?

    I am not sure when the Android users above switched to IOS bc Gaia sucked on Android. I have used Gaia on both Android and IOS. It used to be no question IOS was the way to go for Gaia. However earlier this year, Gaia finally stepped it up for Android and it now works well on Android. Once...
  8. Superduty

    Dana super 60 2013 brakes on 2012 axle?

    If you find the answer, please post back here with information.
  9. Superduty

    wrangler roll bar modifications

  10. Superduty

    NOCO Commercial Battery Box 4d

    NOCO Commercial Heavy Duty HM408 battery box for 4D battery. Used in great condition. $50 Local pick up in San Fernando Valley. I will ship on your dime, but it will likely be pricey due to size.
  11. Superduty

    SOLD Tire plug kit

    Great kit. If i didn't have one, I'd buy it. GLWS Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  12. Superduty

    SOLD: Hitch Rack System Overlanding & Expedition Hot Water Shower & Spare Carrier

    Nice setup. Looks awesome. All the weight is supported by the hitch? Impressed there is no wobble. GLWS Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  13. Superduty


    evo stage 4 with the Kings......that doesn't come cheap. Sorry you got "robbed". Unfortunate that a reputable company didn't do their homework first. I would venture a guess (just my guess) they are working on a different spring as we speak for the diesel. Maybe they will make some...
  14. Superduty

    Carling Format USB C Charging Port

    My guess is the USB c isn't "popular" enough yet and the companies aren't making those yet. It seems that segment of the market is quite a ways behind the real world. It took a while for the fast charging ones to be available and I am not even sure you can the QC3 version in regular USB.
  15. Superduty

    DIY: 105 AH Lithium Powerpack with VICTRON MPPT, Battery Protect and Smart Sence

    Clean set up. Thanks for sharing. How do you keep the batteries held in place?
  16. Superduty

    DIY Lithium Packs, Proposal and Discussion

    Where did you order the battery box parts?
  17. Superduty

    Mounting Tepui Autana on Gobi rack - Jeep Wrangler TJ hard top

    Weld some permanent nuts to the Gobi.
  18. Superduty

    Will Prouse videos?

    I love his enthusiasm. I don't know enough about electrical, but he seems to know what he's talking about And appears to document everything as far as testing in his videos. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  19. Superduty

    Southern California dispersed camping suggestions

    If camping/overlanding wasn't popular before Covid it now seems to really be the thing to do. Everyone and their mothers has taken up camping/overlanding. Many hotels are closed and people want something to do. The word is out. Not too many "secluded" spots anymore.
  20. Superduty

    Upgrading rear accessory power in a JL Wrangler

    Install an adequate fuse close to the battery for the wire that runs to the back. Ensure the 4awg is not up against any sharp edges or rub points. Put it in a high quality split loom.