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    2019 Overlander F-550 4x4 RV (Earthroamer clone) for $118,000 USD in Canada Very Rugged 4X4 Diesel F550 Chassis Crew Cab Slide out Generator Solar 10,000lb Hitch Full Body Wrap Please Call John Garvey 604-831-4849 tags Four wheel drive Diesel Earthroamer
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    Custom built pop-up camper to fit on Toyota Tacoma - Only $6k CDN ($4.6k USD)

    Saw this really unique custom pop-up camper locally for sale. Guy is only asking $6k CDN for it ($4.6k USD) and it probably has that much in parts in it alone. It has a 12v fridge, 100w solar, diesel heater.... those things aren't cheap! Wow -------------------------------...
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    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    I read on facebook that XP Campers has gone out of business. Apparently they closed their doors in June, and apparently their assets were auctioned off on August 5th. Sources:
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    Renogy Eclipse 100w solar panel for $116.15 on (CRAZY PRICE!)

    I just wanted to share with you guys that the Renogy Eclipse 100w solar panels (the super high efficient ones with a smaller footprint) are on sale for an all-time low price for $119.99 on There is also a coupon for $3.84 that brings it down to $116.15. I have never seen these panels...
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    LG Chem RESU lithium ion batteries - incredible!

    I am surprised no one on here has mentioned the newer LG Chem RESU lithium ion batteries. They have managed to pack an insane amount of energy into a very small package at a relatively reasonable price. These have been in Europe since late last year, and are about to hit the US market soon. ...
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    12v Refrigerator: Door vs Drawer style?

    I was wondering what everyone's opinion is on 12v fridges in campers regarding door style vs drawer style. . Most campers seem to use door styles, but I know in the marine world drawer fridges are quite popuilar. . I was wondering if anyone has any advantages or disadvantages to either one, or...
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    2016 F650 4x4 6 door "EXTREME TRUCK"... good for getting groceries and stuff

    2016 F650 4x4 6 door "EXTREME TRUCK"... good for getting groceries and stuff Not mine This truck is beyond words.. It is a completely custom one of a kind build. We have built this truck with one of the most sought after and...
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    Plumbing black tank with macerating toilet

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice on the best way to plumb a macerating toilet. On my camper design, due to the fact that I cannot use a gravity feed toilet (think: traditional RV black tank) I am going to be using a Raritan macerating toilet. This will pump everything into a black tank...
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    Need suggestions for a custom black water tank

    I am in the process of building a camper and I am wanting to include a black tank. I had previously planned to go with a cassette toilet or composting toilet, but I have decided against that for various reasons. Instead I am going to use an electric macerating toilet (marine style) that will...
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    Any limit to how fast lithium ion batteries charge?

    I've done some research and one of the perks I've found to lithium ion batteries is apparently they can be charged extremely fast especially with multiple batteries. Basically, I was just wondering... let's say you have 1000ah of lithium ion batteries (5x200ah). The batteries are drained down to...
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    Propane Distribution Tree + 2 coleman 8' hoses ....... $70 shipped

    I am selling a Century Propane Distribution Tree + Two Coleman 8' hoses that I bought from Amazon. These are in perfect like-new condition, I only used them once. For those unfamiliar with a propane tree, basically it hooks up to any 20lb (or 30lb/40lb) propane tank and you can run a lantern off...
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    Bunch of newer camping stuff

    I have a bunch of like new camping equipment I am selling. The stuff is in Vancouver BC but I could ship it anywhere too if you paid shipping costs. Might not be that expensive if you bought multiple items. A lot of stuff can fit inside the cooler. Here is the craigslist ad. Keep in mind these...
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    Fantastic Fan 1200 - brand new (SOLD)

    SOLD! I have a brand new Fantastic Fan in the box that I bought last year and I never installed. It is a model 1200 (fairly basic model). Item # is 810002. It has 3 speeds and a smoked dome lid like the photo below. Asking $80 shipped to anywhere in the USA or Canada. Thanks.
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    ARB 37/50 Fridge Slide (SOLD)

    I have an ARB 37/50 qt fridge slide that I need to sell. It is lightly used. It has a couple of small holes drilled in it that in no way affect the usability of it. Works great. It may also fit similar sized Engel refrigerators too. The mounting area for the fridge is 25 1/2 x 15 3/4. Sells for...
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    ElectroDacus Lithium Battery Charger

    I am surprised no one has talked about this much on here. There was a kickstarter a while ago for a new unit Battery Management System for lithium ion batteries. As everyone knows lithium ion requires a proper charging scheme and BMS (battery management system). This unit is an all-in-one unit...
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    2008 F350 with crazy camper that swaps into a bed.... (Vancouver, Canada)

    Didn't know how else to describe this. I came across this truck in Vancouver craigslist. The pictures are horrible so I went to their website. It looks like this truck is using the "TruckTransformer" ( method so that it can easily switch from a camper to a truck bed. The...
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    The cost of big tires - Is it worth it?

    I know I cannot be the only one who wonders this. I have a 2006 F250 and as it gets ready for its build, I am conflicted as to whether or not to put bigger tires on it. When I add up the costs of doing so, I am getting numbers in the "5 digits" (e.g., well over $10,000) to do it properly. And...
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    New Renogy "Eclipse" 100w solar panels (higher efficiency, smaller frame)

    I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention that Renogy has released a new 100w Eclipse solar panel. It is basically the same as the (now discontinued) Grape Solar panel. It uses sun power cells. . Basically, they fit a 100w solar panel into a 40"x20" frame, instead of their usual 47"x21"...
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    Discharging AGM batteries beyond 50% - could it be a smarter choice?

    Let's have a discussion about discharging batteries please. First, let me post some data about Lifeline AGM batteries. According to this page I found from Norhaven (they package lifeline AGM batteries into large cell packs), the average...
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    ZOMBIE MOBILE! 6x6 Kaiser 5 ton with a Hi-Lo pop up on it

    Check this cool thing out: