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  1. lowenbrau

    Expo 40 Series Registry

    1. Year, model, color, etc: 1966 FJ40 Red 2. Name of owner/screen name: lowenbrau 3. How long have you owned your 40 series? Is this your first? 1 month. Not my first but certainly my oldest 4. Mileage at date of purchase and present mileage: odo shows 2000 miles 5. Your favorite mods... If any...
  2. lowenbrau

    Latest Photo?

    Nice to have a LandCruiser badge again. Been looking for one as old as me for a long time.
  3. lowenbrau

    Where is everyone getting their cans

    Just the crappy red ones right? Not MFCs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. lowenbrau

    1993 Land Cruiser HDJ80 five speed, Left hand drive, built... Calgary AB

    Posting for a fellow club member. Herb's converted FZJ80 with a 1HDT turbo diesel, five speed and kitted out with a butt ton of cool JDM and aftermarket stuff including air ride suspension is for sale. I know the seller and the truck and can vouch that the ad and seller are legit. See the ad...
  5. lowenbrau

    Attack of the new mini vans

    The Ford and Nissan have both been around in Canada for a couple of years. They are rebadging the Nissan with a bowtie as well. They both seem to have been embraced but the tradesmen/courier crowds. I looked over the Ford to see if it would be a good replacement for the Caravans that our techs...
  6. lowenbrau

    4 Door FJ-40 from RedLine Land Cruisers: FJ-UTE

    I don't think the kit includes... Hood Windshield frame Fenders Bezel Grill Bumpers Top Then there is all the interior stuff which is either custom, from a donor 40 series or a fortune to buy new such as gauges, switches, dashpads, seats, seatbelts, consoles, heating/cooling sytem. None of...
  7. lowenbrau

    Small Toyota 4wd class-C RVs in Japan

    As far as traytop campers go, I really like this new hard top model from utepod.
  8. lowenbrau

    1966 Travelall Ambulance Adventure Machine

    It's really nice that you moved this rig so close to me. I won't have to go far when you finally finish it and sell it to me. (Don't rush though, funds are a little tight at the moment) Seriously. I love this rig. The extended body and raised roof give it loads of personality. Reminds me of...
  9. lowenbrau

    Toyota Dyna 4x4 from factory (same as Hino)

    This is the version I've been waiting for. It should be 15 years old and admissible to Canada by now.
  10. lowenbrau

    What kind of Land Cruiser is this?

    Yep and I`d give $3000 for the body, $1500 for the frame and $500 for the glass and rear doors. That`s about all I`d need off it.
  11. lowenbrau

    What kind of Land Cruiser is this?

    I trust there will be a build thread?
  12. lowenbrau

    What kind of Land Cruiser is this?

    I'd have paid $6k. Maybe a thousand more if it was closer to me.
  13. lowenbrau

    What kind of Land Cruiser is this?

    1990-1996 FZJ78 would be my guess. 1FZ-FE ( or prehaps the carb'd version) engine. I'd really like to buy that and smash it into my BJ74. I need more seats.
  14. lowenbrau

    Do you leave your RTT mounted?

    Mine is on my daily driver at the moment but it moves between that and my wheeling rig depending on the season. Twice I have been on a road trip where I came upon road construction where the road was closed from midnight to 6 and I was thrilled to realize that I had the RTT on and all I had to...
  15. lowenbrau

    2nd Generation Tundra Building

    Yes, you are. A multimeter has a battery for one express purpose... measuring resistance. Oh, and also... any updates?
  16. lowenbrau

    Need an 80 series front bench seat!

    It is likely much wider but the second gen tundra is available with a front bench which has an integral middle shoulder belt. It would be worth the floor mods to make it work. My plan is to buy a Tundra double cab as our daily/ road trip rig and save the 80 for wheeling but one of those front...
  17. lowenbrau

    Need an 80 series front bench seat!

    The LHD version is a middle east spec thing. I've considered finding one myself since I have 4 kids and 2 dogs but it would really suck to lose the center console icemaker.
  18. lowenbrau

    1999 Jeep Wrangler 2.2L Kubota diesel swap

    Wow! Amazing thread. The drama just makes it interesting like the reality TV shows do. I drove nearly a million KMs in 93HP (when new) BJ60s which weighed well over 5000lbs. I don't think this rig's power/weight ratio is going to be a problem. In fact, it remind me a bit of the Mitsubishi J54...
  19. lowenbrau

    Here is a legendary Toyota Land Cruiser BJ71 FJ 70 Series Diesel 4x4 - $16500 (Atlant

    One of it's past Canadian owners has chimed in with a little of its history over on ih8mud... Looks like Jorge Naveda stands to make a few bucks if he finds a buyer.