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  1. Danavision

    Colorado 12 volt plug for refrigerator

    How did you run your Solar wires down into the cab? I think my cables for the solar are 10 AWG so I'm having trouble running the wires down the back of the cab. Thanks, Dan
  2. Danavision

    Colorado owners likes /dislikes

    I own a 18' Colorado Z71 long bed and I love it. I looked at the Tacoma but the Colorado was better for commuting. If I had to replace my truck today I'd get a ZR2. I've been off-road with a couple and they could keep up with all he other vehicles on the trails. The only thing I don't like...
  3. Danavision

    Is it always this way or more due to the increase in camping interest due to covid-19?

    It's even worse with fitness equipment. Everyone who worked out at a gym bought home gym equipment and most manufacturers were out of stock. Craigslist was a great place to buy fitness equipment now has used items listed for 2 or 3 times new prices.
  4. Danavision

    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    My Dirty Z71 on the Miller Jeep Trail.
  5. Danavision

    Alu-Cab Canopy Camper - For immediate delivery or install

    Are they planning to make one for the Chevy Colorado Long Bed?
  6. Danavision

    HAM Operators- Post up here

    Dan N6DWA Ventura, CA