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  1. clarence2

    Road Warriors (Is it an adventure if you drive a touring car?)

    With apologies to ADV: Could we discuss touring cars here? Seems within scope: I think overland travel, if I can define it, is vehicle-based adventure travel. It doesn’t need to include 4×4 off-roading, nor camping. Overlanding means you’re...
  2. clarence2

    Mazda CX-5 GTR/Signature or Toyota Rav4 Adventure/TRD

    Living in Austin, TX, I've many highway miles to get to the gravel roads out West I hope to explore. I'll likely be traveling by myself and hoteling it most nights, so little need for much cargo capacity. The CX-5 is pretty entertaining on-road (250hp and 310tq, well-suspended), but quite...
  3. clarence2

    Porsche Macan?

    With AWD, air suspension, locking rear differential, and A/T tires, how limited would I be out West? I've followed the Cayenne thread for some time but while I like the offered Off-Road Package (rock rails and skid plates), I prefer the Macan's size and transmission. Thanks.