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  1. Mc Taco

    Rock Slider Question: Demello Rock Crusher

    I'll be getting sliders on my truck this month, probably Demello's "Rock Crusher" for my 2004 Double Cab Toyota. My question for those that have them is whether or not they work well as steps for entry. Or do they get in the way? Thanks.
  2. Mc Taco

    1992 Toyota P/U 4x4 Extra Cab SR-5

    I have recently re-aquired my old truck. Had thoughts of letting my local Community College Auto Tech shop have at it to fix up as a training aid. Then in 12-18 months I have a really fresh mechanically second ride. The little rat that I sold it to (never finished paying) has just plain...
  3. Mc Taco


    I want to put some form of decking on top of my rack. It will have a dual purpose of providing shade to bed and cab (dual roof like a Land Rover) and as a platform. Platform would be used for fair weather sleeping area to an observation deck. My weight then will either be distributed over a...
  4. Mc Taco

    Right or Left

    No, not politics. What side of your vehicle would you mount an awning? I have logical reasons for either side. Curious as to what others think.
  5. Mc Taco

    Don't Want To Explode

    I am planning on putting two Sceptor gas cans in AT can holders that will be attached to a custom rack that will be bolted to my Tacoma's bed. The bed of the truck is Line-Xed. The plan is to leave the Sceptors in the holders whilst filling, and using a siphon to transfer fuel into the truck's...
  6. Mc Taco

    Glow in the dark whip.

    As I was looking around Home Despot the other day I saw some glow in the dark fiberglass poles for pulling wire with a fish tape in dark places. I thought that these might be cool for night driving. Would these zip-tied to an antenna interfere with reception? They're fiberglass with metal...
  7. Mc Taco

    Dash Light Fritzing

    I have a two part question. A) I have a light out in my dash. 2004 Toyota DC. How difficult is it to replace the bulb? Do I need to pull the whole dash out? And 2) If I do need to pull the dash to replace the bulb, are there any cool mods to do whilst it is out? Thank you in advance.
  8. Mc Taco

    New suspension for Mc Taco's Taco

    Spent the morning at Demello Friday. Now my truck sits a little higher. Pulled the trigger on Camburg 2.5 Coilovers and a Deaver 8 pack rear leaf package with Bilstein 5100's. OMG. The truck rides sooo smooth now. Some pesky speed bumps in the neighborhood were terrible with the stock setup...
  9. Mc Taco

    Beer Question

    I'm curious about the transportation of beer in bottles on off road trips. I've never liked to bring along glass or beer on camping trips but really don't like canned beer. Am I sol or do you all have a packing secret you'd let me in on? :beer: Of course the smilie just sorta solved my...
  10. Mc Taco

    Lucas Oil Products

    I've been reviewing past postings (I'm new here) and in reading the ones that dealt with oils, I was wondering if any of you have any experience, good or bad, with Lucas Oil products. A friend of mine is sponsored by them for his race car and he swears by the stuff. But then he's supposed to...
  11. Mc Taco

    New Member and Tire/Lift Question

    Hello to Y'all. I'm really enjoying the forum. On to my Question. I recently put 265/75R16 BFGs on my Toyota Dbl Cab. I've got the front wheel rubbing problem figured out, thanks to Scott at Expeditions West. My new concern is the rear wheel well. I can see that if I bottom out from either a...