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  1. Mc Taco

    ***SOLD***OzTent RV-2 Excellent condition (San Diego)

    I already have one and I'm seriously thinking about getting this to build a compound. Great tents.
  2. Mc Taco

    The Perfect Vehicle-Mounted Medical/First Aid Bag

    I did the same except tan to match the interior of my truck and I got the 'photographers lid organizer' to hold small things.
  3. Mc Taco

    265/75R16 BFG KM set of five w DII Wheels

    email sent with a couple of questions
  4. Mc Taco

    1951 Korean War Water Can 5 Gal - So Cal Area

    That is too nice to get used. I hope someone with more dollars than sense dosen't ruin it.
  5. Mc Taco

    2010 Kamparoo

    Do it Ian. Then in a short while I'll buy it from you. :sombrero:
  6. Mc Taco

    2010 Kamparoo

    Considering the reposting of this ad, his "reasonable offer" may be getting lower and lower.
  7. Mc Taco

    2010 Kamparoo

  8. Mc Taco

    FS in SoCal: Set of 4 tires - BFG AT KO 235/85/16 (32"), less than 7k miles - $500

    Price seems fair. I'm just not sure they are wide enough for my Tacoma's rims. Usually run 265/75/16. I've got a second set of rims that need tires and was contemplating going with a narrower tire... GLWS so I don't have to be tempted any longer.
  9. Mc Taco

    American dreams trailers Vintage reproductions

    That is so cool that they are remaking this cool design from the past.
  10. Mc Taco

    01-04 Tacoma Double Cab BedRug For Sale / Trade

    Miguel, I can't use your bedrug, I don't have a shell, but I have the plastic bed liner from my 2004 DBBL Cab that needs a home. Removed it when I Line-X'ed the bed. Yours if you want it. Located in SoCal though.
  11. Mc Taco

    Sierra 4X4 Trailers What's wrong with this Picture

    This would be a good idea for all the vendors. As long as it wasn't abused and folks were honest. So... not very likely.
  12. Mc Taco

    Montana Expedition Trailer

    Is that a dog sticking it's head out the side of the trailer? Looks HUGE.
  13. Mc Taco

    OZ Tent RV2 Tent For Sale

    You are NOT helping.
  14. Mc Taco

    OZ Tent RV2 Tent For Sale

    Explain to why I'd need two of these awesome tents! Bump for a good tent.
  15. Mc Taco

    SOLD Home made Iltis trailer.

    You're alot closer than me. I'm on the wrong coast. Bump!