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  1. MR. ED

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Really dig that rig.
  2. MR. ED

    Replace Rear Bench with Chairs in 2017 F350

    That's pretty slick!
  3. MR. ED

    Trip with firearm

    Pretty sure it’s state wide.
  4. MR. ED

    Trip with firearm

    Yup. I have a couple buddies that had to use tire irons and hammers to dispatch wounded critters. No thanks. I don’t want to get that close and I’m way to fragile for that.
  5. MR. ED

    Trip with firearm

    You’re good in those states. In Colorado your vehicle is considered an extension of your home. You can legally carry concealed in your vehicle. Once you get out it has to be open carried unless you have a concealed carry permit. I know AZ is constitutional carry. You can legally carry concealed...
  6. MR. ED

    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Started today.. may add drawers ....
  7. MR. ED

    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    Nice Alpenlite. Looks small on your truck.
  8. MR. ED

    Alpenlite Cheyenne

    2003 Alpenlite Cheyenne. Great condition. Solar. Slide out. Generator. Full bath. Electric jacks.Includes mounting hardware and a trailer extension. It’s big and comfy. Located in Cortez CO. $10,000 or maybe trade for a smaller one to fit my 6.75 foot bed.
  9. MR. ED

    Camper and Truck Photos

    I was gearing up to sell my 350 to put funds into my suburban. Then one morning I woke up and saw your truck and camper. Now I’m looking for a camper for my truck and thinking of letting the suburban go. Great setup. 👍🏻
  10. MR. ED

    Do you regret buying a base model truck?

    I do...had a few electric gremlins in the past. I found a fleet truck a few years ago and thought that manual windows and locks would be a good idea. Not so, can’t reach over and roll it down while driving, got to stretch across to open the door lock. I’m use to it now, but .......
  11. MR. ED

    1988 Toyota Custom Cab Build

    One of my favorite trucks. Nice job. 👍🏻
  12. MR. ED

    BlancaTantonka build.. question for the 6.2 Ford guys

    I think they’re pretty bomber as is. I keep wanting to cut my muffler off for a better sound and that’s about it. This stupid is trying to keep it simple. Like that camper...
  13. MR. ED

    Birthday gun for myself.

    Happy birthday to you...🍻
  14. MR. ED

    Highway robbery with half tons

    Oh man... when was that? I paid 23 for my ‘14 6.2 350 with 38k on it. Now that 7.3 is out I’m scared I won’t be able to sell if I want to upgrade.
  15. MR. ED

    What do you use for a truck gun?

    Me? It came with the lanyard hole as well as night sights.
  16. MR. ED

    Hanzos 2007 RCSB Tundra Build

    Dig that truck and the knife in your picture... east or west Michigan? Welcome aboard.
  17. MR. ED

    Real world MPG/experiences

    The SD was advertised with the 3:73, which is what I wanted - hoping to gain a few mpgs. Once I checked the vin after I brought it home I realized I got the 4:30s. Love the rear locker. I didn’t have one in the 150.
  18. MR. ED

    Real world MPG/experiences

    It varies...probably a few hundred pounds plus the weight of the topper. I will also add that the 150 was a super crew and the 350 super cab.
  19. MR. ED

    Real world MPG/experiences

    I had a 13 F150 with 5.0, 3:55 gears, 255/80/17 tires, 5.5 bed, lifted Bilsteins and it got 18.5 mpg. I now have a 14 F350 with 6.2, 4:30 gears, 315/70/17 tires, 6.75 bed, lifted Bilsteins and I’m getting 13 mpg. Both rigs have/had toppers and were/are driven similarly-not aggressive but not...