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  1. suntinez

    The Wild Crow - A Not So Wild Build Thread

    How fun to login after so very long and find my friends out and about hunting waterfalls. Great story & pics! Kids are HUGE, stop feeding them. Best to Beth :) It's about time for that west coast trip methinks ...
  2. suntinez

    Adventure Tool Company's 4wd Provan Tiger Build

    Where is this? The horizontal "belt line" running around the coach body exterior?
  3. suntinez

    Adventure Tool Company's 4wd Provan Tiger Build

    Congrats on the Tiger!! I'll echo what Diplostrat said about the chill at the top of the older Tigers - that fiberglass top does nothing to keep you warm, and you live where the winter is real. Even if you lose a little storage space, I'd tack in some insulation up there in the cabinets...
  4. suntinez

    ISO Campmate Kitchen

    This is SOLD. To the other 10 people who inquired and asked questions and never replied, please - stick to craigslist
  5. suntinez

    Old Square Eyes Gets a Makeover

    Nice job Jess! Don't sell it :ylsmoke:
  6. suntinez

    ISO Campmate Kitchen

    Haven't heard back from moodywizard in a week, so this is still available.
  7. suntinez

    ISO Campmate Kitchen

  8. suntinez

    ISO Campmate Kitchen

    It turns out joe5986 doesn’t want this because his stove won’t fit, but I got it out and don’t use it so if you’re interested drop me a PM. Top is 22.5 x 14.25, my coleman stove fits on it with room to spare. Pardon the dirt. $100 + shipping.
  9. suntinez

    ISO Campmate Kitchen

    I have one of these, think I paid around $100 for it you can have it for that + shipping. I'll have to go dig it out, sent you a PM.
  10. suntinez

    Callahan Family New Year Week Adventure around Moab in a Rental Tiger - Part 2 or 2

    Great report and pics, thanks for the effort in putting it out there. I was in No AZ during this time and you're right - BRRRR! But fun :) I was happy to see Adventure Travel Sport Rentals putting these vehicle up for rent. Sounds like they treated you well. I think it's great that people...
  11. suntinez

    Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area

    LBL has been on my list for a very long time - thanks for the pics and the reminder to GET THERE!
  12. suntinez

    Bluff Balloon Festival

    Your photos are awesome, as always. Thanks!
  13. suntinez

    SOLD Jeffwanamog's 2000 Land Cruiser SOLD

    Or his FWC - and you're right, pretty much everything he did. Bump for Vickie! Let's get this one sold.
  14. suntinez

    SOLD - SoCal: AT Chaser & Globetrotter RTT - $10k !!

    This trailer is ridiculously clean, if I didn't know you better I'd say it never got used! Bump for a great deal and the nicest seller you'll likely meet :sombrero:
  15. suntinez

    Southern Sierra Chimney Peak Byway

    OK Aaron, go get yourself a vehicle and do a whole bunch more trip reports like this. I'm a sucker for clouds and timelapses, so cloud timelapses? Um yeah. I was up in the southern Sierras recently too, SO many roads to explore up there - it's OHV heaven I think. Thanks for posting :sombrero:
  16. suntinez

    Tiger for Sale

    One of my favorite Tigers! Sorry to see it go after all the work you've put in, it looks beautiful :)
  17. suntinez

    Questions about converting a 2wd astro tiger to awd

    That is a beautiful, unique Tiger - if inside is in any kind of shape like outside and you're getting it "cheap" - do it! I have no answer to your question, but it's always a good idea to listen to T.Low (esp re: V8 :D ) & ihatemybike & the astrosafarivans guys.
  18. suntinez

    2013 ford transit connect or "our minimalist camper"

    I was wondering what was next for you - as usual, a stellar build. Nice job Les.
  19. suntinez

    INSTANT OVERLANDER: Mikey's Transitory Sprinter Camper

    Nice job Mikey :wavey: a) trip report! b) overview pics of the coach Glad to see you back to your favorite hobby. The tool chest is brilliant.
  20. suntinez

    Provan Siberian Tiger - post here

    OVX13 presence? What did Tiger bring to OVX? I've seen some pics of a Siberian there but wondering if the Bengal/Malayan (and which ones!) came to the show. Anyone get pics/impressions? Thanks.