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  1. TantoTrailers

    Lets talk small generators!

    I am in the market for a small (and quiet) generator to keep my 110Ah AMG battery topped off when I'm parked in the shade. My fridge and other devices run my battery down each day more than my solar can regenerate when not in full sun. Usually down to 75% or so. I have a Victron IP67 shore...
  2. TantoTrailers

    Costway Fridge - Not Cooling

    I have a friend who purchased a Costway 23499-CYPE Fridge and out of the box it would not cool. It turns on, the compressor seems to kick on, but it does not cool the unit at all, the temp slightly rises a degree or 2 while running. I am leaning towards thinking that it has no refrigerant in...
  3. TantoTrailers

    2016 F150 Software Issues

    Hey guys, does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the software on the F150 at home (Not the SYNC software)? I have a 2016 3.5EB and I have been having weird issues since I bought it brand new. I chalked up the minor nuances to character of the truck and didnt think much of it because...
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    Ford Troller TX4

    I want one...
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    Anti-Solar - fact or fiction? Stumbled upon this while bored at work. This sounds pretty awesome if it can be achieved, even if it is just 1/4 as effective as sunlight.
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    Sliding windows - pain in my a**

    Building my first trailer has been an adventure filled with excitements and heartbreaks and quite a few annoyances. I have been working hard on knocking out all of the annoyances on the list and I am down to the last few. The one I need some help on is my sliding windows tend to leak a bit...
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    Rivan - Tank Turn

    I always got a kick out of it when my RC trucks could do this! I like where the technology is going.
  8. TantoTrailers

    Cell service booster? Any good?

    Not sure if this is the best place for it, but does anyone use a cell service booster in their RV, van, trailer, truck, etc? I am looking for a 12v solution to extend my ATT cell and data service. I know getting away from all of that is sometimes the purpose but I am looking for a solution for...
  9. TantoTrailers

    My last hurdle - condensation

    I have just about everything worked out in my rig except for condensation on nights below freezing. I have tried candles, fans, prayer, and a combination of those items. I do not have a heater built in and I don’t have the ability to install one at this point in my 1.0 rig. 2.0 will be...
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    7 Pin for charging + 4 pin for driving?

    I currently have 4 pin for driving but I want to see if I can charge while in motion. Would it be possible to hook up charging only through the 7 pin so I don't have to rewire the entire trailer?
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    Which one of you is this?!

  12. TantoTrailers

    Fridge cover...yes or no?

    I got a fridge and the cover that came with it. The fridge will be stored away in galley with a 270* awning for shade so I can’t imagine the fridge actually ever seeing sunshine directly. The cover is black, reflectively lined, and about 1/4” thick. Does anyone have any first hand testing...
  13. TantoTrailers

    2 x 120w Eco Worthy foldable solar panels + 70w Aco Power foldable

    After testing and the inability to return some of these easily I am selling them for a loss but that’s no biggie. 1x120w Eco worthy new in box 1x120w Eco worthy used only 1 time in the field and some testing (in rain and in sun) ^these two I want to sell as a kit. Asking $300 obo 1x70w Aco...
  14. TantoTrailers

    Anyone try this fridge?

    It is the perfect size for my rear galley cooler tray. I couldn’t find any posts with this brand name so I figured I would ask. None of the big name brands make anything that would fit my setup unfortunately. Ausranvik 26-Quart Portable Fridge Car Refrigerator Car Fridge Car Freezer -4°F ~...
  15. TantoTrailers

    Need the solar/power pros to weigh in

    I have been getting a bit geeky on solar with my camper as I have just about run out of other things modify or to add to it for the time being. I built my rear galley around 2 20qt Orca Coolers on a tray that slides out so I can access them for food and drinks. I found a cool 12V fridge which...
  16. TantoTrailers

    Sell my 70W panel or add it to my 120W?

    I just bought a 120W fabric folding solar panel with a 20A charge controller to replace my 70W panel of the same type. The 70W cost me about as much as the 120 did and I know I will get nothing for it so is it worth connecting them both up to the same controller in parallel? I think I can make...
  17. TantoTrailers

    Selling: ACOPOWER 70W Foldable Solar Panel w/ Controller

    I upgraded to 120W and now this is no longer needed. I have used it maybe 5 times since buying it earlier this year. Everything works, no modifications done to it, and it looks just as new as when it arrived. Make me an offer! Located near Chicago or I can figure out shipping if needed...
  18. TantoTrailers

    Anyone try these two solar panels?

    Looking to get a soft folding panel to fit in my tongue box. Space is tight so I need it slim and suitcase won’t work. Looking at these two in my budget sub $250. ECO-WORTHY 120W Foldable Solar Panel kit with 20A LCD Charger Controller with USB Port for Portable Generator/Power...
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    Good 13” tire?

    There seem to be literally 100s of 13” trailer tires on the market...can anyone recommend one they have used and liked? Actual tire is 175/80r13. My trailer is maybe 1500 lbs total...2k tops. One I found that I like: Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-175/80R13 96M...
  20. TantoTrailers

    Midwest Events?

    Are there any events similar to Overland Expo in the midwest? I know they wouldn't be anywhere near that size, but I cannot find any groups that gather anywhere near Chicago. Opportunity for something cool? I am an assistant organizer of a snowboard club in Chicago (Windy City Boarders), I...