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  1. ZMagic97

    2006 GMC Sierra Build

    One thing I've noticed I've been lacking in off road adventures is reliable maps and GPS when outside of cellular data range. Gaia has proven to be a great help, but secure phone mounting with appropriate viewing didn't seem doable. I started to think maybe an in dash screen would be easier like...
  2. ZMagic97

    2006 GMC Sierra Build

    An item that was more fun to do was a toolbox in the bed. I had gotten one some time ago from another truck, but found out the style I like (in bed, under the side rails) are too deep for my extra short bed. I had to sell it, and luckily guy a buyer same day. I used the funds to add in this...
  3. ZMagic97

    2006 GMC Sierra Build

    One thing that popped up that I did need to take care of was the radiator. As I mentioned before, I did the water pump and cooling hoses a few months ago, but noticed a very small drip coming from the core support. I had recent deep cleaned the engine bay, so I was wondering if old coolant had...
  4. ZMagic97

    1992 Dodge W250 Cummins / VW Vanagon Abomination *MAY CAUSE BLINDNESS*

    Just saw all this for the first time...ready for more.
  5. ZMagic97

    High milage on 2015 4x4 F 150

    I daily drive and travel in rigs well over 150,000 miles. Taking care of it, and it'll take care of you. Sure, some makes/models/components have faults, but no vehicle is perfect.
  6. ZMagic97

    2006 GMC Sierra Build

    I forgot to mention I secured the wiring at around the camper shell rear window frame using RTV. In the above post, you can see where it was hanging down for the 3rd brake line and is then secured in the last photo. I also used RTV to secure the bed light switch after the wiring was cleaned up.
  7. ZMagic97

    how many 6.7 cummin 2013- owner got emission related problems?

    Is there a recall or TSB for it? I know someone with a Journey that has theirs in for a recall on the sensors as a 2015 if I remember correctly. I know it's a Journey and not a Ram, but I imagine the sensors are all of the same "batch."
  8. ZMagic97

    2006 GMC Sierra Build

    As I mentioned before, the truck has been great. Now that I'm in it daily, I've been making some adjustments and ado-ons. First one is something a bit ironic for the detest, but I do enjoy having rain guards. When we do get rain, I enjoy the sound of it with the windows cracked down, and in the...
  9. ZMagic97

    BudgetEverything’s Tundra Overland....thing.... build.

    I really like where this is going. I remember my first build thread: it feels weird explaining a lot and at times you think, "who cares?" But you keep writing and some fun people and ideas start popping up. Keep up the good work and updates!
  10. ZMagic97

    Which fridge?

    I've been using an Edgestar FP430 for years. Lower priced, reliable, and just keeps on working. I just mounted it on a slide on l tracks in the back of my truck the other day.
  11. ZMagic97

    Any thoughts in DEE ZEE Roof rack for Jeep JL.

    Looks clean and simple. I'm curious to hear a review once you get some time with it.
  12. ZMagic97

    1986 GMC S-15

    Checking in again and still not disappointed. I love these projects you're doing.
  13. ZMagic97

    Cross Country to Montana and Wyoming... (Very pic heavy)

    Fantastic photography work. Thank you for sharing.
  14. ZMagic97

    Do Full Sized Vehicles Make Good Overland Cars?

    Depends on the needs (or wants). I have on 06 GMC Sierra my wife daily drove and we used for camping and trips. We've had it for 0ver 5 years and I don't think I can ever sell this truck. It's been too good to me. It's a crew can short bed, so full size but not too long. With a 6" lift and 35s...
  15. ZMagic97

    GMC Topkick

    Seems like an awesome platform and unique idea. At the price point, you could get your money back too I'd bet.
  16. ZMagic97

    2006 GMC Sierra Build

    Wow, I haven't posted in this thread for a LONG time. Reason being: this was mostly my wife's daily driver. Also, my wife and I had a little baby boy in June of 2016. I'm proud to say he came home from the hospital in this GMC. Shortly after he was born, we sold our home and did a double move...
  17. ZMagic97

    Rigid LED Light Connectors: Need Help Identifying

    Last night I was able to go out and see the sizes, and sadly the connectors I got are too small. However, I'm ok with that since they look of good quality. I'll cut the end of the Rigid lights and solder these on with correct polarity.
  18. ZMagic97

    Looking for Fridge Slide Mounting Ideas: Pickup Truck Bed

    I agree that seems to best for me. I have some items I ordered based on the feedback here. Hopefully I'll have it installed to report back soon. I'm sure someone else will want the ideas/info down the road.
  19. ZMagic97

    V8-powered Jeep Wrangler crashes Ford Bronco's party

    I'll believe it when I see it. It'll be a teaser at EJS and will happen "some day." It's like free beer...tomorrow.
  20. ZMagic97

    Rigid LED Light Connectors: Need Help Identifying

    I'm unsure of the size since it's all sealed. However, all the sets Rigid sells now for the lights like mine are 18AWG so I feel like I'll be fine. I ordered the connectors yesterday and they are to arrive tonight. I'll post again with the results.