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  1. meafordmike

    2002 GMC 3500 CrewCab Provan Tiger CX 4x4 DIESEL RV

    I tried to tell the wife how I needed this, but I have 3 cars and 3 trailers already. She (wife) said no:(. I think its a great deal, but haven't seen it. Wish there were more photos, and some of the inside.
  2. meafordmike

    Camping trip to Campobello Island

    We took this trip last fall, but after seeing the nice Thanksgiving trip post here last week (, I figured it was time to post this old one. We had moved across Canada last summer due to...
  3. meafordmike

    SOLD Home made Iltis trailer.

    SOLD This is not a Iltis trailer( M101), its the back half of an Iltis made into a trailer. This sits on M101 tires and rims and would be great for offroad. I just picked it up today and pulled it home. It has no lights, and got a little wobbly at 80km (50m/hr). I already have a M101 so don't...
  4. meafordmike

    M101 Trailer

    Not really a build yet. But hey, its going behind the Land Cruiser or Tacoma. Picked up this M101 yesterday, not bad shape with the tailgate already cut out, both hitches 1,7/8 ball and stock Hook and claw and wired for 12V. Guy had the wrong tire on it, so he gave me two spare tires with it...
  5. meafordmike

    My new 1990 HDJ81, Turbo Diesel

    Well today I picked up a new to me 1990 HDJ81 Land Cruiser , I got it for a good price and it is in good shape. I have had a very long day so I will give better details soon The Good: 4.2 L Diesel Factory front; rear lockers & center lock Parts of the Factory Winch Never offroaded Built in...
  6. meafordmike


    If you found an old BJ70 in the field, how much would you pay??? Its diesel and a 5 speed and rusted to hell. I have no idea if it runs but does have an engine under the hood. I have no idea if it could ever be repaired as the rust is everywhere. I am not sure on the frame. I may be able to...
  7. meafordmike

    Front diff seal/ Transfer case

    I have posted nthis on a few sites but just wanted a few more options. So I am lifted about 2" (Radflo coilovers and Camburg UCA's). I have be lifted for 6 months with new 265 75 16 BFG's AT Ko's, about 3 weeks ago I put the stock sport Dunlop’s back on for a upcoming trip out east. When I...
  8. meafordmike

    Mountain Bike Trip to Vermont.

    Last week I returned from a week bike trip to the Eastern US. My trip goal was to load up the Tacoma and drive to Kingdom Trails in East Burke Vermont and mountain bike for a few days, sleeping in my truck on my new sleeping platform I made and eating mostly rations and things I could make to...
  9. meafordmike

    Canadian LC good price?