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  1. Mass_Mopar

    FS: Handle & wheel assy from Nanuk 950 Case

    For sale Handle and wheel assembly removed from a brand new Nanuk 950 waterproof case. I removed the assembly and bolted the case directly to my trailer. Use it for replacement parts or adapt it to something you’d like to be more mobile. The handle is not captive in the slides, it’ll need a...
  2. Mass_Mopar

    MA: Used CVT RTT For Sale

    - Sold - Hi Guys & Gals Selling my roof top tent - It's a CVT "Mt Shasta" 2+ Person tent. It still works fine and is ready for your adventures this season! Our family has grown and we're upgrading to a bigger tent. Asking $650 or best offer Located in MA, no shipping. I will gladly meet...
  3. Mass_Mopar

    Newfoundland 2016 - Just the tip...of the iceberg

    The plan: Take 2 weeks off in August, make a beeline for Canada and go exploring. The people: My 7-month pregnant wife Meg and myself The truck: A mechanically stock 4 door Jeep Rubicon with my DIY overland setup. The story: The decision to go North was easy: neither my wife or I had...
  4. Mass_Mopar

    DRAM 3, Dirt Roads Across Maine. The Legend Continues.

    "You're going on a trip through northern Maine with a bunch of people you met on the internet?" "Yes." I have to admit I was a bit worried after seeing last years' snowy trip report that this years' 1-week delay could mean exceptionally challenging driving and camping. After Pittston Farm...
  5. Mass_Mopar

    Epic 50 state "drive to the highest point" Roadtrip in a JKUR

    I don't want to toot the horn of the advertisers since it's a sponsored tour, but the guys & girls over at tfl car are taking a Jeep Rubicon & a Jeep camper trailer around the country and trying to drive to the highest drive-able spot in each state. They're geo-caching belt buckles for people...
  6. Mass_Mopar

    What 32-33" Tires are you running on your JKU?

    I know, another tire thread. Looking for opinions for replacement tires on my JKUR. Keeping the stock 17" wheels & no lift. I have 37k miles on my original BFG Mud Terrains, and will re-buy those unless someone has a good reason I should look into something else: Cooper AT/3s? A/T/W...